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Pick and choose your recruiters thoughtfully and carefully. While you want to ensure you are well represented, you don’t want to be over-represented (or misrepresented). And while the vast majority of recruiters are professional, there are a handful (like everything in life) that should be avoided. Ask your friends, family, college recruiting office and business associates for a list of respected recruiters. You can also leverage some of the Recruiter networks and associations to get a good list. Today’s list is focused by industry and includes free Recruiter directories.

  1. Build a Relationship: This is the “two-way street” thing. Give your recruiter leads as to candidates (that are not competing with you) and any potential job openings you may know about. If they do get a job for you, consider using them in your new company (if you are a hiring manager).
  2. Understand Who the Client is: Let’s face it, your Recruiter is working for the firm that is hiring for the position. They are paying the Recruiter to find the best candidate and while the Recruiter would love to place you, they are focused primarily on filling the job opening with the right person. If they get it wrong, they lose their client.weeks or so, give them a call or send them an email to “remind” them that you are still out there.
  3. Help Them Find You: If they don’t know you exist, don’t expect to be “discovered”. Make plenty of “noise” by updating your linkedin profile on a regular basis, attend networking groups and industry events, write articles and stay active on social networks.


  • MRI Network – This resource includes more than 3,000 recruiters in over 40 countries. You can search by name, industry, job function, experience, etc.  Once you make your selection, the search engine returns results that include a link to the recruiters’ site, a telephone number and a link to an overview of the company.
  • Online Recruiters Directory -This site provides a free directory of recruiters, search firms, and more. Click on the “I am a job seeker” button to view the Recruiter search page. From here, you can select your industry and state. Once you submit your search, select the recruiters you want to contact.  Most allow you to submit your resume directly to the Recruiter. This is a good site to do some preliminary Recruiter searching/contact.
  • – As the name implies, is a searchable Recruiter directory of retained and contingency recruiters (Retained vs. Contingent Recruitment). They have a very clean interface. Select your specialty, model, locations,  keywords and you are all set to go. Keep your search criteria as broad as possible to ensure you get a robust list. There is also a list of professional associations for recruiters which job seekers may find handy (look for searchable member lists on their websites).
  • Recommended Recruiter – Although the site indicates over 10,000 recruiters, my initial search (using finance and NY) did not result in a very large list. That being said, this is another good alternative to searching for recruiters. You can use the keywords and location at the top of the page or select Advanced search from the top right-hand side of the page.

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