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Should You Choose a Job or Let a Job Choose You

The problem with choosing a career is that you’re not often sure of what you really want to do for the rest of your life. While some people are lucky enough to know what their chosen path is from a very early age, others discover their passion later in life. Yet others settle down to do the job that life has handed to them even as they long for their dream job; they don’t act out their dreams because of financial constraints – the money is good at their current job and they know that dreaming of making the same amount at their dream job is as good as hoping for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

So which category do you fall under? Do you know what you want to be and are you prepared to do all it takes to get the job that you really want? Or are you ok with drifting with the tide and settling for what life brings you? Is money a significant factor when you’re looking for a job? Or do you prefer to do something you love even though it pays peanuts?

At the end of the day, your choice of career boils down to the overall quality of your life and your inner satisfaction with who you are and what you’re doing.

  • Some people change careers after a few years because they’re not satisfied with what they’re doing –

    so if you’re not satisfied with your job, find what really interests you and if it’s worthwhile making a career shift. Age, experience, money and your personal life are just a few factors that come into play when you’re planning a change in career.

  • If you’re ambitious, be prepared to accept responsibility – it may be Spiderman who said it, but it’s true that with great power, comes great responsibility.

  • Some people find the perfect job serendipitously – they start to do something because it’s available and find that they love it and have a natural flair for it. So don’t close your mind to opportunities that open up just because the job involves something you’ve never considered as a career choice.

  • If your job interferes with your personal life, no amount of money or love for the job is going to bring you happiness.

  • If your job pays really well yet requires you to compromise on your personal ethics and principles, then you’re never going to live in peace with yourself.

  • If the job of your dreams entails that you are separated from your family, then you have to choose between the combinations of money and loneliness and companionship and budgets.

  • Sometimes, circumstances dictate that you take on a job that you’re not too fond of because it’s the only way to provide for your family. In such situations, you must learn how to love your job, just because you love your family more.

So whether you choose a job or a job chooses you, the bottom line is that you must enjoy what you do, be good at it, and be able to make ends meet – that is the definition of a perfect career.

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