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Refreshing your Job Search

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It’s never too soon to review and refresh your job search. Almost the New Year, and none too fast in my view. It can be refreshing to “wipe the slate clean” and start fresh. Looking for a new job can be challenging even in the best of times and now is the perfect time to reassess your approach to finding a new job. Like everything else in life, too many or unrealistic goals will lead to failure, so keep your refresh task list short and make it count.

We’ve listed a few suggested job search refresh ideas to get you started, but you should make a list that works for you.

review your job search Approach

What’s worked well and what has not? You should refocus your approach and spend more time on what has worked well (while not abandoning other strategies). As an example, if you’ve gotten better responses from contacting employers directly, then allocate more time to this activity.

Like everything else in life, too many or unrealistic goals will lead to failure, so keep your refresh task list short and make it count.

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review and Revise your resume

If you’ve been looking for a job for any length of time, you’ve probably already figured out that you either need to revise your resume as you go or have several versions targeted to specific jobs. You should also make sure that your resume includes all of the important keywords and skills that will ensure your resume shows up in a resume review.

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Refresh your Network

Now is the perfect time to send update emails to recruiters you’ve worked with along with a revised copy of your resume. This lets them know that you are actively seeking a new job and a revised resume will help.

The same holds true for the rest of your network. While you might not need to send your resume, just contacting them to see how they are doing is a great way to stay connected.  Of course, your LinkedIn network is your best job search networking resource.

Refresh your Job Boards

There are hundreds of job search sites on the Internet. This is definitely a case of where less is more. Limit yourself to 3 or so job search sites (more than that is not a good use of your time) and take a look at those that best fit your needs. Use at least one “generic” site and then pick two that are focused on your industry or career.

Company career Sites

All jobs posted on company career sites are “real” jobs (as compared to some opportunities on job search sites where some of the jobs are either already filled or are there to lure you in). You can spend your time looking at true opportunities and know you are not wasting your time when you apply for the job.  Take a look at CareerAlley’s Company Career Sites for Direct Links to Jobs

Most companies will post jobs on their career site for a period of time before they open them to recruiters. They do this to save on recruiting fees but are also interested in people who seek out their company by posting their resume or applying for jobs. Most company sites allow you to post your resume and to sign up for job alerts.

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