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Careers that Utilize Javascript Fundamentals

Javascript is one of the most versatile scripting languages available to developers. It is loosely based on the same syntax as the C language and allows programmers to employ many kinds of process control from functions to events. JavaScript is a scripting language used to introduce web page functionality. Javascript files have the js extension and are interpreted/run by the browser. Javascript code is running on the user’s computer.

Browsers include Javascript as an option for client-side programming and expose an API to web pages so the language can be used to manipulate both HTML elements and CSS style declarations. Javascript has been heavily utilized over the last 20 years as a means of making web pages more interactive. It is also employed in various game development IDEs and is used as a training language in some elementary programming curricula. There are numerous careers where Javascript fundamentals are in high demand which we will be presenting below. are in high demand.

Game Developer

Unity is ostensibly one of the most popular and cost-effective game engines in the industry. Javascript is offered alongside C# as an option for the logic built in to games developed and compiled in the Unity IDE.

Because of its versatility, Javascript is a fine choice for a language meant to interact with a dynamic and growing application programming interface like the one exposed by the Unity engine. Any skills developed in or out of game development on this platform can be employed on equivalent projects with little or no additional training.

User Interface Designer

Because graphical user interface design is as much about function as it is about appearance, knowing the basics of event-driven process logic and how to prototype good functions are skills the average UI designer will find highly useful in their day to day work. Javascript’s syntax is flexible enough that even inexperienced developers can usually get up to speed rapidly. Further, the forgiving nature of the engine means that bad syntax won’t necessarily lead to a hard failure like it might in a lower-level language like Perl or C.

Middleware Developer

Because web applications are, by their nature, two-tier or n-tier architectures, it is almost always a good idea for middleware developers to pursue better Javascript skills. Integrating the functions of a browser with business or game logic built into server-side functions written in languages like Python or PHP is one of the most crucial skills a web developer can have. Although there are some things that take time and experience to learn, the process of building good web applications is only enhanced with good client-side programming knowledge.

Javascript is likely to be around for quite some time. Learning the language also provides novice programmers with a solid foundation in the basics of function and event-driven development, which can be applied to many other programming tasks.

To learn JavaScript, it only requires an operating system, whether it’s a Linux or Windows or OSX distribution. Sublime-Text can be used as editor. Today, more JavaScript frameworks are used, the only thing you need to know is the inclusion of a framework.

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