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Unveiling Job Fair Success: Employers and Applicants Benefit

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In an era of social media, it is so nice that businesses are still hosting job fairs. Job fairs connect businesses and job seekers by just setting up event tents or booths.

You, as an employer, could be talking to a potential employee who is looking to land a job right after college or the military. As a part of a company’s recruitment solution, job fairs help to market your company’s brand and to hire quality individuals.

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Job fairs are great opportunities for businesses to find the right type of prospective employees. However, job fairs can become stressful if you are not properly prepared. Before the job fair, employers should retain their hiring practice standards. For example, employers should look for the type of applicant they want to fill their positions. Employers need to direct the conversation to potential employees so that the company brand stands out.

How To Stand Out

To help your business stand out at a job fair, there are some steps you can take to maximize every minute that you are there:

*Speaking of social media, use these platforms to announce that your business will be a part of the local job fair. Post the type of positions you are looking for.

  • Position your event tents or booths at locations where the foot traffic will be the highest. Customize your event tent with the company’s name to help attract potential employees. This is always a plus because your event tent will stand out in a crowd.
  • Hand-out merchandise gifts along with the company’s business cards.
  • Bring business brochures that identify the company’s history, employee benefits, address, website, phone number, and more.
  • Be prepared to accept resumes and talk to job fair attendees to see if they would make a good fit with your company.
  • Staff your event tent with knowledgeable staff members who welcome people with a smile.

A Great Marketing Tool

Employers participating in job fairs increase their marketing presence, not only with those seeking jobs but also with competitors. Just in the four or five hours, your brand is at a job fair, there are hundreds of curious eyes filtering past your tent and keeping your brand on their minds. While at the job fair, your company is networking with other businesses, and innovative ideas are exchanged.

“Companies who participate in Job Fairs are looking for talented people want to work for a company such as theirs. The are looking for candidates with drive and passion for what they do.” – 5 Tips for Job Fair Success

Job fairs save a business, both large and small, time and money. Rather than increasing your marketing expenses in recruiting potential employees, job fairs give a company instant access to a large pool of potential employees without weeks of advertising.

The money spent on an entrance fee at a job fair is far less than all the money you spend on recruiting via the media. After all, the average time to hire a new employee is around 65 days. With a job fair, pay the fee and let potential employees file in to visit your event tent.

A great benefit for employers to host their own job fairs or to attend other types of job fairs is publicity or public marketing. Employer participation in a job fair gives a company an introduction to the public because the brand name is in the literature and probably will be mentioned in the news media. These events are great promotional savings for small companies because their brand name is being spread throughout the community, on top of attracting skilled employees.

College Talent

Hosting a job fair at a college campus helps to attract new talent. This is especially true if your company is on LinkedIn, which helps to brand your company as a great place to work. We know the benefits that students receive at a job fair, but how do employers benefit?

A business featured at a job fair can turn around a young college grad’s decision to enter another career. If your business features a management position, then a liberal arts graduate can talk to you about their career advancements within your company. This potential employee can possibly be with your business for years to come.

Employers can find graduates to fill entry-level positions based on the course of studies that the college student is majoring in. At college event job fairs, employers will definitely increase the number of interested resumes from qualified candidates for present positions to fill now or in the future. The short and informal interviews conducted by company representatives give them the ability to pick out the best personalities quickly and avoid scheduling a myriad of interviews for candidates that do not fit.

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