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5 Tips for Job Fair Success

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There are many job opportunities out there, and if you are looking for a job, sometimes the best way to do so is by attending a job fair or convention. In this case, you want to leverage the time spent to ensure you get the best return. To ensure great results, you’ll need to approach things a bit differently than a “normal” interview process. Instead of interviewing for a specific job, you’ll need to sell yourself to the companies that are looking to hire.

Prepare a Focused interview

Usually when you interview for a job opportunity, you are focused on a specific role and job description. At job fairs, you need to be prepared to get a quick sense of who the hiring manager is before the full interview.  That being said, you are in a room full of “competitors” vying for the same companies and jobs that you want, so you’ll to be focused in your interview approach. Have a quick interview prepared (see Your Elevator Speech) to ensure that you get all the important information you want discuss from your resume.

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Tell them why you want to work at their company

More likely than not, there will be a list of attending companies that you can look at prior to attending the job fair. Do your homework and review as many companies as feasible prior to the event. Tell them why you want to work at their company (use phrases such as “great company culture” or “leader in your industry”.  A lack of a basic understanding of the company will probably cost you consideration for additional interviews. Employers not only want the right person for the job, they want someone who selected the company for specific reasons. You must do your research on each of your target companies before you job fair. This will ensure that you are more productive in the interview process.

Prepare and Practice

No one knows your experience better than you, and spending sufficient time preparing can only help. Think about all the time and preparation you put into your resume. Prepare as best you can ahead of time, and practice interviewing with friends and relatives if necessary. Go over all the information you’ll want to convey when you meet with companies at the fair.

Be Prepared to Answer and Ask Questions

Think about the kind of questions interviewers usually ask during the interview, and make sure you have all those answers up front. Know the requirements for all positions where you might qualify and focus your answers (and questions) to focus on why you are uniquely qualified. The more informed you are, the better the chances that the company will keep you in mind.

Promote Your Brand

If you’ve been to a job fair, you’ve probably seen that some candidates do not make much of an attempt to be stand out from the crowd. They put in little effort to promote themselves. Now is not the time to be shy. During your short interviews, sell yourself by highlighting all of your skills and experience. Hiring managers at job fairs have a limited amount of time to decide who will make it to the next round. e.

Companies who participate in Job Fairs are looking for talented people want to work for a company such as theirs.  The are looking for candidates with drive and passion for what they do. If you follow these tips,  hiring managers will see that you’re generally interested in working them. You’ll leave the fair confident you’ve given your best impressing and have laid the groundwork for your “next big thing”.

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