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Avoid These 5 Job Interview Mistakes & Secure Your Dream Job

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With so many office workers working from home these days, Zoom or video job interviews can be very stressful.  You want to be at your best, dress appropriately, ask all of the right questions and, of course, have the best answers for the interviewer’s questions.  We can’t always be at our best all of the time, but there are things you can do to ensure you don’t make fatal interview mistakes.

Most interviews are what we make of them. We expect to control the interview and so does the interviewer (sounds like a conflict. Hopefully 'interviews from hell' are few and far between, it's up to you to be prepared and ace the interview.Click To Tweet

Would you like to know how to make sure your interview is less of a flop and more of a champion performance? Read on for the top 5 interview errors to be avoided at all costs.

Don’t Ask About The Fringe Benefits

Focusing on benefits can put off potential employers. There will be plenty of time to ask about benefits once you’ve got a job offer.  Asking about benefits at the start gives the appearance that you are more interested in what you will get rather than the opportunity. Ask not what the company can do for you, but what you can do for the company.

Don’t Be Superman

Interviewers aren’t looking for someone who can single-handedly save the day, do every task known to man, and be home in time for supper. They’re looking for someone who will fit into their team.

Frame your accomplishments to show what a valuable addition to their company you will be. Instead of “I see you really need someone to fix your PR campaigns,” try “I really think my previous PR experience will be of benefit to you.”

Don’t Let Your Body Language Sabotage You

How you say it is every bit as important as what you say. According to HR consultant Adecco, fidgeting is a turnoff for 26% of managers.  Body language is especially important in video interviews.

  • Try not to look standoffish – no leaning back or crossing your arms;
  • Try not to look too eager – no leaning forward and touching your interviewer on the arm;
  • Aim for a happy medium –  a natural,  relaxed posture with a straight spine.
  • Check your background – for video interviews, try to ensure that the background is neutral.

Don’t Be Late

Timing really is everything. Being late will make you look disinterested and unprofessional (especially in video interviews).

Follow these tips to get your timing spot on:

  • Make sure you test your technology (computer, Internet connection, etc.) before the interview.  Leverage a friend to help test a mock video interview.
  • If you are actually going to a physical location for the interview, make sure you know exactly where you’re going, down to which entrance you’ll need to use;
  • Do a “dry run” a day or two before. Figure out how long it will take, then add at least ten minutes in case of delays;
  • Get everything ready the night before so you don’t delay looking for the list of your questions, resume, and job description.

Don’t Dress In The Dark

Did you know that 50% of hiring managers think turning up in inappropriate clothes is the biggest interview gaffe an interviewee can make?

Before you even get a chance to open your mouth, your clothes are going to start talking for you. So make sure you turn up looking like the bee’s knees rather than the dog’s breakfast:

  • Keep it muted – maybe you can’t get enough of neon and rainbows, but leave the eye-catching separates at home. Dazzle them with your skills, not your shirt;
  • Keep it clean – Scuffed shoes? Is the suit hem going south for the winter? Check out your outfit before you leave and make sure it’s looking its best;
  • Keep it smart – even if the office is a casual one, smart dressing says you’re taking this interview seriously. After all, you don’t work there – yet.

Interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, so avoid these five pitfalls to give yourself a good chance. That way, you can be sure you’ll make a good impression for all the right reasons. - Home of most advanced job coach

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