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7 Tips for Finding a Job That Will Make You Happy

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Many things constitute happiness, and working in a job that makes you happy is one of them. We spend a huge chunk of our lives working. This is part of the reason why you should find a job that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, many people end up enduring work rather than enjoying the experience. At the same time, some people always seem to be happy at work. So, how do you find a job that makes you happy?

Look at Your Whole Career, Not Just Your Job

It would be great if you actually looked at the rest of your career when choosing a job. You need to ask yourself whether the current position leads you to a path that allows you to fulfill your career goals and potential.

You are in charge of your life, and you are within your rights to wait out for a job that makes you happy. Remember, you need to think about areas of life. Does your current job give you an outstanding work-life balance?

A recent report showed that a positive work-life balance is now one of the strongest happiness measures in today’s workplace. So, you need to factor in work-life balance in your next place of employment.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Flexibility might just be the key to finding the ideal job for you. Many are the times we find ourselves stuck at places that make us miserable. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find jobs that we are passionate about, which also motivate us to become better?

The key to arriving at this happy destination includes not limiting yourself. When looking for a new job, have clear and specific targets in mind, but be prepared to use different alternatives to get there. Narrowing your position might feel like the sensible option.

However, there are many great jobs out there that could bring you happiness, and all by limiting yourself, you might never get a chance to exploit them.

Improve Your Resume

Do you have a professional resume? Is it well structured, formatted, and updated? You could be losing out on your dream job because of something as simple as your resume.

Today’s hiring managers have very short attention spans, not to mention the strict and cutthroat guidelines they have regarding resumes. Failure to observe resume writing rules could end up costing you the chance to work in that capacity.

As a result, many people have turned to professional resume writing online. Not only are such services fast and convenient, but they help you highlight your skills and abilities in relation to the position. In doing so, they increase your chances of landing that job. So, it would be in your best interest to employ such services if you want to land the position of your dreams.

A recent report showed that a positive work-life balance is now one of the strongest happiness measures in today’s workplace. So, you need to factor in work-life balance in your next place of employment.  Click To Tweet

Take Your Time

It is great if you’ve decided that it’s time for a change. However, bear in mind that change takes time. Transitioning from one job to the other will take a lot of energy and effort.

When you are at this stage of your career, you are not looking for a new job, preferably one with the right roles and the right people for growth.  So, don’t be so quick to jump to any position that comes your way. Do your homework, be patient and take your time.

Experiment and Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Risks are great, especially when you are young or during the early stages of your career. Before you arrive at the right job, you might have to go through a couple of experiences that shape your judgment and perception for the better.

Sometimes it might be hard to know what we want by simply thinking about it. If it is possible, try out different jobs and see how they work for you. This might just help you learn what suits you and what you don’t like.

If you are a seasoned veteran, look back at your career progression and look at the jobs you liked and work your way there.


The key to finding a fulfilling and rewarding job is through networking. Connecting with other people in a professional setting exposes you to different ideas, perceptions, and thoughts. Not only that, some people in your network could have the means to connect you to a proper post.

According to a survey, at least 70% of all good jobs are not publicly advertised. Instead, they are shared between professional networks and links. So, this means that applying for online jobs won’t cut it if you are looking for your dream job.

Connect with people in your line of work. Don’t limit yourself to those who can employ you, rather expand your professional circles to include those who can also give you work-related advice.

Practice Habits That Keep You Happy

The key to happiness lies in perceptions and attitudes. The reality of the matter is that you will be met with positives and negatives or ups and downs in your new job. For this reason, you should consider engaging in behaviors and practices that keep you happy.

For instance, as you work towards your ultimate career plan, you must do your best to practice the habit of positive thinking. Charity begins at home. As much as a dreamy job might contribute to happiness, it is not the only factor. Try as much as possible not to attach your happiness to material things.

Bottom Line

It feels like the majority of people are stuck at jobs which they don’t like, making them miserable and frustrated for the most part of their lives. However, you are in charge of your life and only you have the power to change that. Hopefully, you can now pursue your dream job with the help of the tips above.

And if you feel stuck, be keen to ask for help. There are many professional career coaches online that you could employ to help you better plan your career.

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