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How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check when Finding a Job

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Finding a job can be a struggle. Even nailing the interview can be a challenge especially if you suffer from anxiety. If you’re not getting any leads, it can also make you feel depressed.

But your mental health may not suffer because of a lack of job either.  You may have a bunch of leads, but you feel stressed because of this. Well, there are a few ways for you to keep your mental health up especially when finding a job. Finding a job is certainly not easy, especially in our current world but here are some ways for you to keep it all together, even when the going gets tough.

Use Schedules to Your Advantage

Schedules will be your best friend.  Scheduling is really good for you since it helps you break down the time that you need to put your resume together, to even learning of the top phone interview questions you might be asked. A schedule helps you get everything together to not only improve your skills, but also to help you get everything that you need together in order to land a job.  It can help save you time, and headaches later on.

When putting together the to-do list, understand you may not get it all done right away, but if you have a schedule, you should definitely use this.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

This is a big one. It’s hard not to get down when you’re not getting calls and such back. You need to treat this though like a challenge and understand that taking care of yourself and not drowning in negativity is good.

You may wonder if there is anything you can do to help with those negative feelings. Well, figuring out your mental state and what’s going on may be beneficial so you can get help for when it’s really bad.

You can go to to help you figure out what’s going on in your head and to have a better understanding of your mental health so you’re happier and have a healthier outlook on life too. It will improve your wellness and happiness, and it’s a great thing to know what you’re dealing with when looking for a job.

Use Self-Care

Self-care is good especially if you’re struggling to keep it together when looking for a job.

Start doing things that are self-care for you especially. This can mean a face mask, watching a bit of TV, or even working out. Small activities especially with the hustle and bustle of a job is good for you.

You should schedule this self-care in especially if you have a busy day. Remember, it is important to use this to your advantage because if you’re taking a lot of time for things that aren’t for your own health it can create burnout.

Be Nice to Yourself

It’s okay to say nice things to yourself. If you’ve heard of affirmations, chances are you probably know how they can be empowering statements. Having some loving reminders that you are doing well, that you are valid, can be wonderful for you.

Remind yourself of this, and understand why you’re in the search for a job.  Maybe you left because of how you didn’t appreciate the old workplace.  You can say to yourself “I know my worth and I have values that extend beyond my old workplace” and it can be a wonderful reminder of how far you’ve come.

This is a good thing to do because it does combat the insecurity and shame that comes with job transitions, especially if you’re struggling with the job search.

there are a few ways for you to keep your mental health up especially when finding a job. Finding a job is certainly not easy, especially in our current world but here are some ways for you to keep it all together, even when the going gets tough.Click To Tweet

Use Rejection Rituals

Rejection is a big part of job searches, unfortunately. But a rejection ritual can help you do better especially when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

A rejection ritual can be as simple as playing a song you love whenever you get a rejection letter or doing some yoga.

This of course will help with that feeling that you “suck” because you got rejected.  Do take some time to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, and tell yourself that your self-worth isn’t tied to the work.  This will help keep you grounded, and much happier.

Searching for a job is a challenge. It can be hard on your mental health. But you can combat this with these tips to help make it better for you, and easier to handle.

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