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6 Effective Ways to Pump up your Resume

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Finding a job in can be a difficult venture to say the least. You are qualified. You are efficient. You know how to present yourself. You have good references. Well to be honest, who cares? So does everyone else. Jobs are few and potential employees are many; however, all is not lost. There are things you can do to make sure your resume makes it to the top of the pile. Here are a few examples:

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1. Don’t make an Objective Statement

Objective statements are outdated and pointless. Unless the employer specifically asks for one there is no need to include one. They tend to be pedantic, largely meaningless, and they take up precious real estate on your single page of space that you need to use to fill with all of your relevant skills and qualifications. This might be a bit of an unusual resume tip, since some employers are quite attached to their opening statements, but they rarely contribute anything to your chances at an interview. 

2. Use a resume correction service

People at a 

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correction service really know what they are doing. Whether you are posting your resume online or submitting it hard copy, this service will definitely be worth the money. They will make sure you have everything in the right order, it is easy to navigate, and you have used the correct key words. They will also make sure your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and etiquette are correct. You don’t need a simple misplaced homonym to keep you from getting that dream job.


3. Don’t be shy

You are advertising yourself after all. Don’t downplay your accomplishments. Emphasize awards and achievements. Highlight the fact that you have never left a job. Let your potential employer know you are eager and willing to learn. Are you bilingual? Put it on there. Let your resume be a billboard about you.


4. Consider a professional website

You can include the link to your website on your resume – highlight it! This website can share information already on your resume, but also give examples of the work you can accomplish. If you are looking for a job in graphic design, show off your skills. If you are looking for a job as an editor, then display flawless articles for review. You can showcase almost any type of talent on the web. Remember you can include a little personal information, but not too much. This is a professional site. Your website can even include paragraphs about your personal goals and strengths. Your potential employer can practically interview you without even picking up the phone.


5. Reach out via social networking

It probably isn’t often that an employer will receive a resume or correspondence through Facebook or twitter, but it would definitely leave an impression. Make sure to clean up your page to include only things you would be okay with a potential employer seeing. That doesn’t mean you have to take down all your pictures. The ones of you and the kids at the zoo are fine, but the ones of you partying it up at the bar in college should probably stay offline now that you’re a professional. A lot of employers are checking up on their employee’s Facebook pages anyway these days, you might as well beat them to the punch.


6. Show that you can walk your talk

Don’t just tell your employer you are punctual. Tell him you received an award from your last job for not missing a day of work in two years. Don’t just list that you are bilingual on your resume. Explain how being bilingual has benefited you in the workplace. Don’t say you are a good salesperson. Give them your sales numbers for the last quarter. Anyone can say that they have customer service skills, but has everyone attended a seminar in customer relations? Let your employer know she is making a good decision in hiring you.


Unfortunately, these tips might not absolutely guarantee you a job, but they might guarantee you an interview. That’s a hundred steps closer than a form reply email letting you know the position was filled by someone else. These tips are easy to accomplish and will definitely separate your resume from the hundreds of other black and white papers on your employers desk. Hopefully you will be starting your new job soon.

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