5 Tips to Getting the Right Job or Doing the Job Right

your careerIf You’re Not the Lead Dog, the Scenery Never Changes”  – Lewis Grizzard

When I was in college I worked as a “runner” on Wall Street during the summer (yes, it was a very long time ago and no, I’m not referring to drugs). A fairly simple job of taking securities and other important documents from one financial institution to another (basically, a messenger). At the time I was 19 years old and this was my first non-fast food job. So the first day I get there and all of the “regulars”  (you know, the guys who actually do this as their real job) are sitting around waiting for their first “assignment”. They were a lot older than I was at the time (in their 40’s). Anyway, I get my first assignment – to deliver a package to a financial institution that was about 10 minutes away. As I walk out of the door, one of the regulars pulls me aside and says “this delivery will take you about 15 minutes, but you need to make it last an hour, don’t come back before an hour has passed. Get it?” So I did as he said  and took an hour (thinking I would get fired for being so slow), but the “manager” did not think it was unusual that it took me an hour. So long story short, these guys were just milking their messenger job for what it was worth trying to do the least work possible and succeeding (if you could really call that success). Clearly not the recipe for “starting in the mailroom and rising to become the CEO”.

There is a delicate balance in getting the right job and doing the job right. First step in looking for a new job is, obviously, getting the right job for you. But, like everything else in life, nothing is perfect and even the right job will have its warts. Today’s post will focus on getting the right job and making the most of the job you’ve got.

Getting the “Right” Job: Maybe you don’t know (yet) what you want to do when you grow up or maybe

  • Job Quizzes – Part of the mycareerquizzes.com site, this page has a number of free quizzes to help you figure it all out. From “Quit Your Job” to “Job Quiz” there are a number of quizzes that might help you in your process. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the full list of quizzes, but also take a look at some of the Career Guide articles and the free salary calculator.
  • Find the Right Job for You – Posted on Oprah.com, this article provides an in depth look at defining what will work for you in your job search. There are a list of questions designed to help you determine your job / career wants and needs. This is followed by what you actually need to deliver on “finding the right job”. Some of the tips you will have seen before, but some you may not have thought of (like practicing for an interview). The article is worth a read and you can also leverage the other related resource links at the bottom of the page.

Making the Most of Your Job:

  • Top Ten Tips: How To Keep Your Job In Today’s Economy – This article, from About.com, provides ten useful tips for keeping the job you’ve got. From Don’t Do Poorly to “I’m just happy to have a job”, these tips will give you some of what you’ll need to keep your job in tough times. There are additional links at the bottom for related articles such as “How to Make Your Current Job Work”.
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Good luck in your search.

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  • Ann

    This is definitely a career advice! “A delicate balance in getting the right job and doing the job right” how do you balance this one? How do people value their job? Are they even loving the job they have or just for the money? For me, I want to have a career that I love and enjoy doing. What is you preferred getting paid well and not even happy doing it and it kills you with boredom. I like how you also posted some links for those who give career advice. This is really helpful. Check this one out as well, a blog by Kent Julian http://liveitforward.com, I also enjoyed reading his blog. He’s a career coach. His articles gives me insights, helps me set goals on what to do with my life and career, at the same time loving and living it.

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