5 Steps to a Great Resume – Organization – Lesson 3

I remember when my son got his first really complicated Lego set. It was one of those really large boxes of Legos and I’m sure it was some type of spaceship. He wanted me to help him put it together and we decided to do it in pieces. You know how it is with Legos, you have a picture of the “finished” product, but no real set of instructions. Many of the pieces look the same when you are looking at a picture of them and it’s not until you have half of the thing built that you realize the last piece that you need was used somewhere else and now you have to take the whole thing apart to get to the piece you need.

Putting a resume together is much the same. You have a picture of the finished product (in the case, the format) all of the pieces, but no real step by step instructions as to how to put the whole thing together. Lesson 3 is all about putting the pieces of your resume together.


  • Order Your Sections – Here we combine the resume information you collected in Lesson 1 (Gathering Your Information) with the Sections bullet from Lesson 2. I am a bigger fan of the Chronological resume than I am of the Functional resume, but both are included below to fit your needs. We will cover the Targeted resume format in Lesson 5.
    • Ordering Sections for Your Functional Resume: The sections of your functional resume will look the same as a chronological resume with the exception Professional Accomplishments section –  see below.


    • Ordering Sections for Your Chronological Resume:
      • Contact Information -This is the easy part. Your Contact Information always goes at the top of your resume and should be centered. Your name should be in bold and in a slightly larger font than the rest of your resume. The same format should be used whether you have years of job related experience or if you are looking for your first job after completing school. Your contact information format should look something like this –


      • Your Headline – Your headline goes next, what do you do? Should look something like this:


      • Objective -Your career goal and what you want out of a job– This is optional, but if you want to use it would look something like this:


      • Skills – What are you good at and why should someone hire you? You should list the skills that will help market your strengths.You might do something like this:


      • Work History / Experience – The next part is easy, list your experience in reverse chronological order.

Take a look at Lesson 4 – Content – Lesson 4

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