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Top 5 Resume Hacks for the CFO of Tomorrow

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Being a Chief Financial Officer of a major corporation is a challenging job. If you have years of experience in a senior finance position, you may be ready to take a step up the ladder. If your dream has always been to become a CFO, it’s important to make sure that your resume is up to par. Resumes for executive positions are a key part of your job search Marketing Toolkit and will help to market you as a professional to resume tips to ensure that you can show off your fiscal achievements and advance your career.

Key Recommendations

  • Quantify Achievements: Highlight measurable impacts of your work.
  • Focus on Strategy: Showcase your strategic planning abilities.
  • Highlight Leadership: Provide examples of teams or projects led.
  • Detail Cost Reductions: Show how you’ve improved financial health.
  • Specify Technical Skills: Include finance-related software expertise.
  • Feature Certifications: List relevant financial certifications.
  • Discuss Risk Management: Exhibit your risk assessment capabilities.
  • Showcase Communication Skills: Demonstrate your ability to liaise with other departments.
  • Include Global Experience: If applicable, mention international finance experience.
  • Continuous Learning: Emphasize your commitment to professional growth.

1. Choose a Summary Instead of the Generic Objective Statement

Objective statements have largely become obsolete. To make a significant impact on your resume, replace the objective statement with a captivating summary of your accomplishments. This summary will illustrate your past contributions and potential future ones. A well-crafted summary is a forward-looking assertion showcasing your skill set, not just a declaration of what you’re seeking.

2. Your Personality Must Shine Through

You can have all of the experience that’s required, but many candidates will have the same level of experience that you have. Executives receive stacks and stacks of resumes to review. If you want to become a contender for the CFO position, you must show off your personality. Not everyone has the same personality type. If you’re an introvert, make sure the resume is organized and factual. If you’re an extrovert, make the resume colorful and bold. You want to be the same person on paper as you are when you go in for your interview.

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3. Don’t Rely on Financial Jargon

Most professionals in finance are familiar with financial jargon so relying on the jargon to get you a CFO position won’t work. If you seriously want to be considered for a CFO executive position, downplay the jargon and focus on talking about your achievements in a way that any professional can understand. Remember, the HR team might not be comprised of all finance professionals. Use simple terms anyone can understand so that they can truly understand the results that you can and have delivered.

4. Focus on Your Soft Skills Too

Many finance professionals put all of their financial achievements in a resume but fail to realize the benefit of listing their soft skills. CFOs need to possess a set of soft skills that many candidates don’t focus on. You can point out all of the credentials and financial achievements but don’t forget to put focus on the soft skills that will make you an asset.

5. Consider Your Experience and Make it Fit Into the Position

If you want to apply for a CFO position in a smaller firm, you might want to highlight what you’ve done in the right context. If you’ve worked with larger accounts and budgets, the firm might wonder why you’re wanting to downsize. Don’t come off as overqualified and make your experience work with the position you’re applying for. Also, make your education count. Show off your degrees, and show why they are applicable.

As a CFO, you’ll be the master of the numbers. Make sure your resume demonstrates this, but don’t forget to highlight that you’re a strategic thinker, driven, and an effective communicator. Make your resume a powerful tool, and land a position on paper first.

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