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5 Jobs In Health Care That Don’t Require A Medical Degree

Many of us would love an opportunity to work as a doctor, surgeon or nurse. The trouble is, medical school requires and exemplary academic record and a huge financial investment! That doesn’t mean a career in health care is out of reach, though. There are hundreds of different jobs available in care that don’t require a medical degree. Here are just five of them for you to consider:


There are many roles that are administrative in nature. Some of these are ‘front-line’ meaning you could be the first point of contact for patients and clients. You would need to be a people-person, offering a great level of customer service for patients from a wide range of backgrounds. You might also need a great head for numbers, a fast and effective response, and the ability to present information to busy doctors. You can undertake a degree in health administration online that can allow you to study while you work.

First Aider

Every business needs a qualified First Aider on site. This often provides additional benefits or salary. Regardless of your main job or industry, you would be on call to handle workplace injuries and illnesses. Training must be completed and then repeated and updated every couple of years or so. Efficient record-keeping and the ability to keep a clear head are essential. This role is also essential for big events like concerts, sporting fixtures, and protests.

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Community Care Worker

You might have a qualification as a Social Worker, or you may have a care worker qualification. Most importantly, you have compassion, and a willingness to listen. There are many vulnerable people in the community that rely on people like you to visit. You might provide basic caring duties such as helping around the house. Personal care and providing some much-needed conversation are also important. This role is on the frontline of care provision, and you will be expected to raise any concerns with medical professionals as required.

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Caterer or Meal Provision Worker

Many hospitals, care homes, and community health providers contract out the meal provision work. Of course, everybody needs to eat, so your job is one of the most important. Food hygiene is one of the most important qualifications you might need. Beyond this, an understanding of nutrition and different dietary needs, particularly for the elderly is a must. There is scope to develop your own catering business. You could provide healthy meals to support the needs of different people in the community.

Practice Manager

This role is similar to the administrator role but is more commonly found in private practices like the dentist or doctor office. It is common for the practice manager to have building manager duties too. You might arrange cleaning contractors, repairs to the building, and insurance requirements. This doesn’t mean you are completely out of the loop regarding care. As the practice manager, you will have to allocate new patients to the medical practitioners. The post holder should also ensure reception staff are equipped and trained to help patients effectively. This role can often be quite hands-on.

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