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5 Perfect Careers for People-Persons

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Being a people person is a special talent that not everyone possesses. If you happen to be a social butterfly, then you should absolutely try to find a career that utilizes your social superpowers and enables you to truly hone your unique skills. Here are some of the top careers you could choose if you love personal interaction. From hairstylist to public relations, we’ve got you covered.


As far as chatty occupations go, few require social skills more than being a hairstylist. Obviously, you should probably enjoy cutting hair as well, but once you’ve got that down you’ll probably find that making conversation is a huge part of the job. To uphold your employer’s reputation as well as your own, you will have to remember your clients’ names and everything they’ve told you at previous appointments. Plus, you must take an interest in anything they tell you about and keep any scandalous information they may share with you. Ultimately, being a hairstylist is just as much about speaking as it is styling.

Online Bingo Chat Host

While some may think online jobs aren’t particularly social, there are some that require you to be a real people person, especially within the iGaming industry. For example, you could be an online bingo chat host, a role where personality is key, as you will be required to liaise with customers and ensure everyone is having a great time when playing.

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Jobs like these can be found on a number of bingo operator sites. For instance, Fabulous Bingo currently employs six chat hosts, each revered for their own style. The more serious side of this allocation is making sure everyone abides by the rules and remains friendly, so being able to defuse tricky situations is also a great talent to possess if this role sounds appealing to you.

Events Planner

As an events planner, you are responsible for finding clients, figuring out what they want, and delivering on your part of the deal by organizing with outside organizations. All in all, you couldn’t ask for a more social job. Of course, there are other perks besides allowing your extroverted nature to shine. According to the founder of The Invisible Hostess, Sheena Kalso, being an events planner allows you to indulge in new, social experiences on a regular basis. “I don’t know another job where you are allowed to try new foods, hear different bands, and enjoy a variety of good cocktails and wines – all while working,” Kalso told Monster Worldwide Inc.

Public Relations Specialist

Otherwise known as communication specialists or media specialists, public relations specialists are responsible for liaising with clients and the public on a regular basis. They ensure that their client (or clients, if they are self-employed or work for an agency) reputation is upheld within society by communicating clearly with members of the public through meetings, press releases, and the media. As a public relations specialist, you will also be responsible for promotions and events. Overall, this job includes a lot of wine and dining members from whatever industry your client requires you to so they will remain relevant, popular, and liked.

Inside Sales Representative

There are plenty of sales jobs that allow you to talk to customers on a regular basis, but few are as engaging or intimate as the role of an inside sales rep. While others will probably be driving around attempting to find customers or approaching strangers in the outside world, this role requires you to speak to dozens of people over the phone. Plus, many inside sales reps get to organize and host monthly competitions and games for their clients, a great opportunity for the fun social butterflies of the world.

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There you have it: five careers that are sure to improve your already spectacular social skills. Best of all: when you’re in these lines of work nobody will ask you to stop talking – they’re perfect if you’re a social chatterbox! Let us know if there are any other jobs you can think of that would suit the socialites of this world. Do you have a great, social job? Let us know below.

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