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Five Exciting Careers That Involve Coding

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Do you have some programming skills up your sleeve? Been thinking of learning to code? There’s no greater skill to have in the 21st century than coding. As the world relies more on computers, more people are needed to help create and maintain this technology. Here are just a few career options that could be worth chasing.  You can also check the Best Computer Science colleges and universities in the U.S.

Software development

Software is becoming more complex, and larger teams of people are being required to build it. This could be anything from the latest Windows software to a video game. Software developers are also finding ways of making money on a smaller level. Many businesses are requiring their own personalized software to speed things up and make their company infrastructure more organized. Others are independently creating their own software for niche uses such as music production photo editing or graphic design. Languages such as Java and C are great for this purpose.

App development

Apps have become the next big form of software allowing people more power from the palm of their hand. Companies may want personalized apps for their business, whilst there may be independent ideas for apps. The likes of the London App Brewery can fast-track you into learning how to code apps. Languages such as HTML5, C, Java, or Swift can help you to create apps.

Web Design

Being able to write scripts can help you build professional websites and ads and is continuously becoming a more useful skill to have. The likes of Training Connection can help you find courses in website building and coding. JavaScript, Python, and Ruby are just some of the most popular scripting languages. Even having a strong grasp of basic HTML can get your foot in the door.

Digital security

Our reliance on computers has made our world more efficient, but it has also opened up new dangers, giving people more ways to steal data and disrupt society through hacking. Digital security companies are having to constantly keep one step ahead of hackers and are employing more staff to cope with this. Secure coding courses exist to help people get their foot in the door. Cybersecurity may require rigorous screening given that it is in the security industry, and even the smallest mark on a criminal record could eliminate your chances. Many companies will offer in-house training – so don’t feel you have to be a cyber-security master.

Hardware engineering

All kinds of hardware are now incorporating computers from cars to refrigerators to kids’ toys. On top of the mechanical aspect, this requires programmers to code in the software. Hardware development itself relies on a similar knowledge of logic and mathematics and so can often be a great avenue to explore for those with coding knowledge. It’s also becoming increasingly better paid. Higher education such as a hardware engineering degree is generally required for pursuing such a career. However, this could be ideal for anyone currently considering what major to select when they attend college with a focus on coding.

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