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12 Job Search Tips & Tricks

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The job market has improved lots since 2008, but it is still difficult to find a job. Plenty of supply (as in candidates), just not enough demand (as in jobs). If you have been looking for a job for more than three months, then tips and tricks listed below could certainly help you find that job. There are some basic tricks like, updating your profile on LinkedIn or any of the job search engines. This immediately puts you at the top of the list for recruiters (both from companies or from agencies. Another trick is leveraging snail mail (no, I am not insane). But more on this later. First comes the pre-reading and then some tips and tricks (and maybe some treats).

Homework: If you haven’t already read the articles listed below, now is the time to do so. This will give you some background information:

Tips, Tricks and Treats:

  • Hiring Tricks That Job Seekers Must Know – In addition to the tricks that you must know, you need to know the tricks that might be “played” on you. This article, from Hotjobs, lists a few tricks that you should know about. Now I won’t give away all of the tricks, but they are very interesting and it is worth a read.
  • 10 Great Interview Tips for 2015 – This is a great article yours truly. Some great tips to help you with your interviews. Tips such as doing your homework, body language and your handshake. Take a look to see the other tips.
  • Job Search Tips – This article is all about getting your job search on track and focused.’s Alison Doyle is the author of this article and it is definitely worth a read. There are ten tips here to help you speed up your job search. Don’t forget to look at the related links at the bottom of the page and the tabs at the top of the page.

Job Search Engines: What about all of those job search engines, how do you leverage them without spending all of your time looking at useless leads:

  • 4 Tricks To Get Better Results From Job Search Engines – This article is posted on and provides some tricks on how best to use job search engines. The article shows how to use some of the basic filtering techniques as well as some advance features (such as using multiple keywords or even excluding certain words).
  • Jobs Search Engine Tips to Find A Job Quickly – Quick is good, and any tip that can help you with job search engines is worth a look. This article provides a few pointers which may help (such as focusing on one site until you’ve exhausted the jobs). Take a look.

10 More Interview Resources: Take a look at these additional CareerAlley resources to help with your interviews.

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