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10 Links to Find Your Recruiter and to Landing a Job

All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.” – Daniel Boone

So what does a telescope and Daniel Boone have to do with Recruiters and job search? It’s all about leaving the search to the experts and while you don’t need to be Daniel Boone to find your next job, you should leverage the search experts to help you find your way. Many times (although not always), recruiters have job opportunities that have not been advertised (either in newspapers or on job boards). This is true not only for the high level executive jobs, but for many middle and entry level jobs as well. A recruiter is doing all of the leg work for both you (they’ve sourced the jobs) and the companies they represent (by supplying candidates that they’ve pre-screened). Recruiters should not be your only approach or source of potential jobs, but you should allow some time to leverage recruiters when conducting your search.

There are a number of basics you should understand, such as recruiters do not cost you anything (the company pays). Some of us are veterans (unfortunately) at finding and leveraging recruiters and some are new to the game. So rather than assuming everyone knows what it’s all about, I thought I would lead with a few “how to” and “why” links.

How to Use a Recruiter & Why:

  • Headhunters versus “Scam” Hunters – Do Your Homework – This one is from CareerAlley and is worth revisiting. There are some firms that pose as recruiters (but are not really) and will try to convince you to spend $5,000+ with them to help you find a job. Read this post, it is worth you time especially if you are new to job hunting.
  • How to Use a Recruiter to Get a Job – This article, from provides some background on recruiters in general. This is followed by a step-by-step approach to using recruiters. There are additional links for “facts on employment agencies” and links on the right hand side of the page for other recruiter related information. This is a good place to start if you are new to the search.


  • Shamrock Search Associates – This firm specializes in IT, Medical, Accounting & Finance, and sales jobs (plus more). Click on their “hot jobs” at the top of the page to see current listings or use their “send a resume” link.
  • A-List Associates – Their tag line is “Your #1 Source for Top Executive Assistants and Administrative Support”. There are tabs at the top for “About Us”, “Services”, “Positions” and more. Click on Positions to link to the Open Positions page. You can see the job description, salary, location and can apply directly for the job. You can also click on “Contact Us” where you can submit your resume through their web form, call them, fax your resume or send via Snail Mail.
  • Anson McCade – Anson McCade is an IT and Finance recruitment firm, based in London, UK. Their main site has information on the firm, Interviews tips, Resources and Contacts (all on the left hand side of the screen). Candidate information is on the right hand side and includes All vacancies, vacancies by functiona and a search all function. There were 269 job opportunities when I checked the site. You can register your resume or contact them directly via email or telephone.
  • Horton International – This firm is a global executive search firm with several offices in the North East US as well as offices in Asia Pacific and Europe. Their main page has tabs at the top for their international non-US offices, Submit your resume, FAQs and Contact information. You can contact them via email or phone and also have the ability to submit your resume using their online web form. I did not see a link for current job opportunities.
  • Jay Gaines & Company – This firm has a broad range of functional areas it covers: General management, Information technology, Finance Capital markets, Risk, Investment management, Operations and more. Click on select past engagements to see the types of positions covered by this firm. Click Contact Us to forward your resume via email or call.
  • RGS Search Partners, LLC – This firm specializes in a broad number of functions and industries: Technology, Program / Project Management, Consulting, Finance, HR and more. Their website is fairly basic with a page for candidates. There are tabs at the top for Search Process, Contact and About Us. You can click on the “Contact Us” tab to submit your details via a web-form, use their email address to forward your resume and cover letter or send your details via snail mail.
  • Salveson Stetson Group – SSG has a fairly robust website. The main page has tabs at the top for About Us, Services, Practice Groups, Our Team and Contact Us. On the right hand side of the page there are links for Recent News, Recent Appointments and Open Searches. Check the Recent Appointments to see if this firm covers your job function and industry and click on Open Searches to see a sample of current opportunities. Use any of the name links in the Open Searches section to forward your resume.
  • Tuttle Agency – This recruiter mainly covers the NY tri-state area. Their main page is very interesting. You can sign-up for a news letter or follow any of the tabs at the top (which have drop-down lists) for About Us, Locations, Divisions, Candidates and Contact Us. Hover over the Candidates tab for a list of options including Current Openings, Submit Resume and Job Alerts. There were well over 40 jobs when I checked their list. Click Submit Resume for a web-form for resume submission and be sure to sign up for Job Alerts by going to that tab.
  • Sunny Bates – Probably the most unusual main page I’ve seen (I’ll let you decide for yourself), click on the screen to go to the next page where you actually have a few choices. Click on “What She’s Doing” to see some background on the company and click on Contact to submit your resume via email. Not much else I can say for this very understated website, but a contact is a contact.
  • Taylor-Hodson -This is a NY based firm which specializes in both temporary, temp to perm and permanent hiring.  They also have a special link for Fashion recruiting. Click on About Us for information and links for each of the categories described above. Click on “apply online” for a web-form to submit your resume. There is also a link on this page to view industries and job functions they cover (which is quite extensive).

Good luck in your search.

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