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Who’s Your Daddy? – Leverage Your Job Search Network

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In a prior post on this topic (Job Leads and Links from Friends – Did You Network Today?) I mentioned that I did not know the statistics of those hired due to Networking (versus job hunting). I still don’t know the stats, but I do know that Networking has the following going for it:

  • Cost – It is cheaper to hire someone you know (or who was recommended) as the company is not paying recruiting fees.

  • Reference – Either the hiring manager or someone the hiring manager knows has recommended the candidate. This is the best reference (as I would like to believe that no one would recommend someone that would make them look bad).

  • Cutting the Line – Recommended candidates typically get into the interview process more quickly than other candidates and are more positively received (for the reasons above).

But enough about what I think, the links below will help you with the “How” and “What” of Networking.

  • The #1 Networking Tool During Hard Times – Another great article, this covers what I call “reverse networking”. So right off the bat I’m sure you have two questions – What is “reverse networking” and Why would you want to do it. “Reverse Networking” refers to providing leads to headhunters (or anyone who is looking for a lead to a job candidate) for positions they are trying to fill.  Okay, now for the “and why would you want to do this?”, two reasons really. First, headhunters will not forget that you’ve helped them out and, when finding something that may match you skill set are likely to call you. Second, the person you recommended will be grateful (even if nothing comes of it) and will be more likely to return the favor (if not now, at some point in the future). This is part of building your Network which is, by the way, a two way street. In any event, this article with tips is worth the read.

  • The Art of Career and Job-Search Networking -Leveraging’s site again, this article provides a number of networking and professional organization links. Women’s groups, diversity groups and links to Tools for Networking, the article may initially look like it doesn’t have much to offer, but you must click through the links to get the real benefit (not least of which is the Tools for Networking).

  • Networking Basics – What better place to get networking advise than Harvard Law? This article covers the basics (what it is) as well as explaining long term relationships, steps for Networking and a detailed list about the informal interview. The article also gives examples of a request for an interview (email and letter), phone requests and a thank you note. This is worth your time to see how the masters do it. While you are on the site (which is, by the way, the careers office of the school), take a look at some of the other resources on the career site.

  • Job Networking Videos – One thing I’ve not done much of on this blog is to provide video examples (but that changes here). This site, from, provides four videos on How to Find Job Networking Contacts, Connections, getting them to work for you and the importance of job networking. Certainly worth a listen and watch!

  • Have Your Networking Letter Land You a Job – Amazingly, this article comes from, not a careers site. The article describes a networking letter, who to target and then the fundamentals. There are five fundamentals in the article, and each has a link that goes into additional detail.

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