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15 Links to Help Find Your Job in Technology

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One job sector that continues to be hot is the technology job sector. Whether you are a web designer, software developer or systems analyst, there are more jobs in these areas than can be filled. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, web designers can expect to earn $63,000 with an Associates degree while Computer Information Scientists can earn over $100,000 with a doctoral degree. All job functions within technology are expected to grow at a double digit rate over the next few years.

Knowing where to look is key to finding the best jobs. There are 10’s of thousands of job opportunities, focus your approach and be diligent.

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Where to Look for Technology Jobs:

  1. – Most of the top job search sites have focused job search pages for many job functions, and is no exception. Long known as the leading jobs search board for technology, they currently have over 88,000 technology jobs listed on their site. Simply type in your job title and then filter based on your requirements. As with most job search sites, you can add an account so that you get alerts when jobs meeting your criteria are met.
  2. The Best 100 Cities in the US for Tech Jobs – Certainly you will want to know where the best technology jobs can be found. This article from provides a great list to get you started.
  3. Computer and Information Technology Occupations – This information is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and provides a lot of great information on many technology job functions (salary, what they do, education required, job growth, etc.).
  4. information-technology Thingamajob – This is another job search site with a targeted search on information technology provided by The top of the page has tabs for Create an Account, Post your resume, Login, find a job and more. There is a basic search function right below the tabs, followed by Information Technology jobs by subcategory. At the bottom center of the main page has a listing by state. Left hand side of the page has a number of links to subcategories by function and state as well.
  5. Articles about “find a new job” in Technology – These links, provided by, has a number of links to articles and resources to help you in your Tech job search.
  6. Job and Industry Resources for Computing & Technology Careers – The leading site for job search provides some great information on technology careers.
  7. Technology Recruiters from LinkedIn – linkedin provides a useful list of technology recruiters.
  8. 5 Hot Careers in Technology – From CareerAlley, this article provides all of the job search information you need to know on Network Administrators, Mobile Application Specialists, Software Developers and more.
  9. 10 Futuristic Jobs That Barely Exist … or Have Only Been Invented – Jobs of tomorrow today, take a look.
  10. 11 Fantastic Tech Jobs in 2015 -The most job openings, high salaries and attractive careers, technology positions continue to the hottest jobs. This article, from U.S. News & World Report is a great read.
  11. Top IT Organizations – The best place to start looking for your technology job is at one of the top IT organizations. This resource, from, is a great place to start.
  12. Networking Tips for Techies – networking is, of course, one of the best ways to get a job. networking does not work the same for every industry. Take a look at this article to get some tips for networking for technology.
  13. Some IT job search Sites: Links to a few of the best IT job search sites.
    3. RubyNow
    4. Mashable Job Search
  14. 3 Tips to Finding the Ideal Tech Transfer Job Position
  15. Find a Job – CareerAlley Technology job search.


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