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Technology meets Modern Education: Some positive changes

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Technology has branched out into every activity that you do and into every aspect of life that you can imagine. It’s left its mark everywhere and mostly has had a positive effect on our lives. Technology has no doubt opened up many new ventures and opportunities for growth in society but we’ll discuss here a very old and essential aspect of our life; education. Everything about technology has seen a huge change especially after the invention of the computer and the internet. Changes could be seen worldwide as internet-connected the world and the computers sped up almost every activity. Let’s dive into details and have a look at the most contrasting effects of technology on modern education.


Most of the higher education was based on spending hours in a library and doing research by burying yourself in a pile of books. Once the internet was invented and spread all across the globe, millions of books were uploaded on the internet. Students were no longer required to visit the library and find the books to refer to. They were only required to go to the computer, search for what they wanted and all the information from all the books was presented to them in a matter of seconds. They could now print out what was required and take it home without having to go through the pains of issuing different books.

Technology has no doubt opened up many new ventures and opportunities for growth in society but we’ll discuss here a very old and essential aspect of our life; education.Click To Tweet


Attending a class physically was no longer a requirement after technology started revolutionizing learning completely. The first image created in our minds at the mention of the word ‘education’ was always a classroom. Here too the internet and computers played a major role in bringing about a positive change. The Internet helped far-off people to attend Online Courses and online classes on laptops and computers. This helped the people living in remote and far-off areas to also attend these classes without having to travel miles every day.

Replacing registers

The traditional way to save data was to write it down on your copy or a piece of paper. Though effective, it was time-consuming and used up a lot of paper. The extra burden of carrying around copies and then having to remember what you wrote down in which register was an added hassle. Once the computer was invented and they transformed into laptops, this whole process of saving data was revolutionized. Bulky books and stray sheets of memos were long gone and the use of paper also decreased. Information could now easily be saved on a laptop and could be found easily with a click of a few buttons.

New Subjects

Science and technology helped a lot of subjects of science stem from physics and chemistry. New courses and subjects in Engineering and Medical streams were soon incorporated in colleges and universities. Thanks to the blessing of technology these subjects soon spread to every corner of the world and enabled students to directly contribute to new findings and areas of research.

The merger of science and technology with education was quite inevitable as both are interrelated. Without education, the development of science and technology was not possible and without technology, the spread of education would have been much slower and maybe less developed.

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