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5 Careers That Utilize the Power of Mobile Technology

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Mobile technology has revolutionized the daily lives of millions of people around the planet. Ever since the introduction of the first generation of smartphones, technology has evolved to encompass more tasks that are part of the daily routine. Likewise, mobile technology has also changed the way that many industries have done business. It has brought convenience, power, and innovation to different sectors in the private and public settings. Here are five types of career fields that have taken advantage of the power of mobile technology.

When we reach the end of our education, we may have some idea of our options, but it’s incredibly challenging to know which career path is the right one to take.

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1. Education

Working in education today means that you get much greater access to the technology tools of tomorrow. With mobile technology, educators can get powerful functionality without the pricey investment of individual computers for each student. Instead, teachers can rely on apps through tablets and smartphones to help bring more engaging and interactive material to their students. Mobile technology has also opened up a new world of possibilities for educators who work with students with mental or physical disabilities.

2. Communication

Another career field that has been transformed through technology is the communication industry. Individuals working in communications are finding new ways to increase their organization’s power and potential, and mobile technology offers several methods. Companies can use tools such as mobile messaging apps, location data services, and mobile social media tools to improve their stake within their market. Universities like USC are helping prepare tomorrow’s workforce for these new capabilities.

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3. Advertising

The next career field that is increasingly relying on mobile technology is advertising. If you’re planning to start a career in this industry, it’s important to understand the role of mobile technology in marketing. Traditional means of marketing, such as print, television, radio, and direct mail, are being eclipsed by the new world of digital marketing. This form of advertising stresses the individual user, social media, and interaction to help build a brand identity.

4. Library science

The traditional institution of the library is also a spot where the influence of mobile technology has been felt. If you are embarking on a new career in library science, be prepared to dive into the more advanced methods of mobile technology for information gathering. The modern librarian’s job is no longer simply about recommending the latest paperback titles. Today, these well-rounded media specialists are becoming partners and guides to the community about the coolest tech tools.

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5. Retail Sales

The last career field that has seen a huge shakeup due to mobile technology is the retail environment. Instead of being dominated by large corporate retailers, today’s retail industry is experiencing a new renaissance of small business stores. Potential business owners are able to conduct business and complete transactions with inexpensive mobile technology. These technologies give business owners access to credit card processing, inventory systems, and cheap advertising through social media.

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Mobile technology has only just begun to make an impact on the world. While several industries are seeing large changes due to the influence of mobile apps and functionality, expect to see even more widespread transformation throughout every type of career in the near future.

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