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You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there“. – Yogi Berra

I’m on the road again this week and writing this from my hotel room. While I’ve been in this city before, it got me to thinking about how job search differs depending on where in the world you are. Not that that should surprise anyone, but I never really gave much thought to it until this week. For one, depending on what country you are in, the questions can be very different. What is illegal to ask in one country, is perfectly normal to ask in another. Sometimes, even when you are looking for a job in your own country, it can feel as if you are on another planet. So maybe you are feeling a little adrift and need to bring your search back to Earth (so to speak).

  • The Riley Guide – “Providing free career and employment information since February 1994.” is the tag line for this very well known and respected job search site. There is a wealth of information here, and you could spend days just reading through all of the information. So, where to start? There is a very helpful “Navigating the Guide” list on the left hand side of the page. From how to job search to research and target employers, this is the place to get started.
  • The Art of Career and Job-Search NetworkingQuintcareers also has a page dedicated to networking and they also stress that this is probably the most important part of your search methods.  They provide detail on networking on the web, networking groups (like Diversity, Women, Military, etc.) as well as some publications on the topic.
  • LinkedIn – According to Wikipedia, LinkedIn is “a business- social networking site founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 mainly used for professional networking”.  This site has become very popular over the last year.  At the end of September 2009, the site had 9 million unique visits for the month and by September of this year there were more than 50 million registered users across well over 100 industries.  The site allows users to link to colleagues from current and past employers, schools and any other group that may be defined.   One of the features I like best is the “degrees of separation”. The site will show you how you may know a third party through an existing connection.  Linked has job search functions as well formats which allow you to showcase your background. Clearly the “best in class” from what I’ve seen.

Search for Jobs – Your Inventory – You need to create an inventory of what you will do next (recruiters, job search sites and company career sites.  See the links to my list of lists below for each of these categories.

  • List of Recruiters and Headhunters – Here is a great list of recruiters to get you started in building your recruiter inventory. Don’t forget to keep track.
  • Inventory of Company Career Sites – Company career sites are a great place to start, this list should help you get started.
  • Job Search Boards – While yo don’t want to be registered on every site, you do want to be on the right sites for you. Check out my list.

Good luck in your search.

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