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3 Rewarding Ways You Can Turn Your Passion For Writing Into A Career

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It is said that if you find a job you enjoy doing, you will never have to work another day in your life. The famous quote by Mark Twain rings true for many people who choose to pursue their hobbies as a career. Research by Vistaprint and SWNS found that 50 percent of Americans would love to turn their hobbies into a business/career but feel unprepared. Meanwhile, 27 percent of them have already turned one of their hobbies into a lucrative side business. While some of them are fond of pottery, jewelry making or cooking, millions of Americans are secretly nurturing a passion for the written word. It is estimated that 81 percent of Americans want to write a book, and around 31.7 million bloggers are now on the internet. However, the career path for writers does not end with these options. Whether it is launching a successful career in business writing or sharing your expertise with budding writers, here’s is how to turn your passion for writing into an income and a career.

Join The Business Writing Community As A Business, Grant, or Copywriter

Businesses also utilize writers to help them draft their various business documents, such as business proposals, press releases, marketing content, and grant applications. If you want to focus on helping new businesses secure funding, grant writing could be a lucrative career choice for you. According to estimates, salaries for a grant writer average between $49,569 and $85,287 or $33 per hour. As a grant writer, you will responsible for researching and reviewing appropriate grant guidelines for your client, along with crafting a proposal to help the company stand out in its grant application.

Whether it is launching a successful career in business writing or sharing your expertise with budding writers, here’s is how to turn your passion for writing into an income and a career.Click To Tweet

Many start-ups also rely on a good business plan to secure funding and investors and bring their ideas to reality. As entrepreneurism booms across America, there are now increasing opportunities for business plan writers to help start-ups get off to the right start. Lastly, why not use your writing talent to help businesses achieve their marketing goals? A copywriter works in multiple capacities including drafting content for campaigns, email and web marketing, and product packaging. To get started, decide on your chosen copywriting niche and whether your content will focus on sharing information or driving and converting traffic. This will help you narrow down any training you need and the tone your writing should take. For instance, copywriters focus on sales and translating leads, while a content writer seeks to share valuable and relevant information. Therefore, a copywriter is central to a business’ marketing strategy and requires some knowledge of marketing.

Sell Your Writing Services Online Using Freelancing Platforms

Thanks to the internet and the introduction of freelancing platforms like Fiver, Upwork, and Simply Hired, freelance writers can market themselves online easily and connect with clients across the globe. For those making a career transition or wanting to transform their writing passion into a successful side business, this can be a lucrative option since it gives flexibility and autonomy over your working pattern.

However, it does require some initial preparation if you want to attract clients. One of the first things that is recommended for writers is the creation of a dedicated website, professional profile, and social media page. Building a business website as a writer allows you to showcase your writing portfolio to attract clients. Great additions to your website are testimonials or work samples of your chosen writing niche. Freelancing platforms like Upwork also allow you to bid for jobs on their marketplace.

Build Your Brand As A Go-To Online Resource For Other Writers

Consumers are always seeking knowledge. The chances are that there are millions of other people out there like you, who are looking for a way to launch their writing career or develop their writing skills. If you are well trained or experienced in these skills, you can also choose to share your talent with others as an educator. Creating educational content like eBooks, video tutorials, or online web seminars has a high chance of success in a very digital age. For instance, EBook sales doubled in 2018, and generated $983.3 million in 2019.

Similarly, millions of readers turn to how-to articles and tutorials on video platforms daily. The key to succeeding as a writing guru/resource online is to create a strong brand. With such stiff competition in the writing world, you need to give readers a reason to trust you and your expertise. This can involve completing certifications in your chosen niche, such as those from the National Association of Science Writers or the American Medical Writers Association. Alternatively, if you have had a previous related career, you can harness your experience in that field. For instance, a board-certified accountant with years of experience in the industry can use this as a solid background for their taxation writing seminars or eBook. If you choose to publish your own eBook, you may need to hire an editor and graphic designer to help you create the finished product. The good news is that once you have finished the final draft, it is easy to get it published using sites like Amazon’s KDP account or iBooks.

There are endless ways to harness your passion for writing as a long-lasting and successful career. Whether you want to do so full time or as a side business, it is completely up to you. This way you can enjoy what you do – and do what you enjoy.

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