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Top Paying Trucking Jobs

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If you love cruising the open road, then working in the trucking industry can be an enjoyable and lucrative career. It’s also in high demand: the industry is currently in need of an extra 900, 000 drivers, NPR reports. When it comes to trucking, wages can vary greatly depending on the type of job. Highly paid positions require specialized skills and experience. Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your trucking career or are curious where it could take you in the future, here are three of the top paying trucking jobs.

If you love cruising the open road, then working in the trucking industry can be an enjoyable and lucrative career. It’s also in high demand: the industry is currently in need of an extra 900, 000 drivers, NPR reports.

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Tanker/liquid hauling

Hauling gas, chemicals, and other hazardous materials is a higher-risk job which requires tremendous skill. Not only does the driver haul hazardous cargo (including gasoline or explosive liquid materials), but they’re also sometimes exposed to the fumes when hazardous chemicals are piped off. As such, this job pays more than the average trucker wage. Exact figures depend on the type of hazardous material transported and the trucking company. The average salary for a liquid hazmat driver is $54,000.

ice trucking

Ice road trucking

Ice road trucking is a challenging job which earns drivers anywhere from $20,000 – $75,000 for a few months of work. This involves seasonal work (mid-winter) driving a truck outfitted for extreme weather conditions to bring goods and supplies to miners in the north of Canada. Before applying for this job, you must understand the risks involved: severe weather, extreme temperatures, avalanches, road hazards, thin ice, and truck failure.

“Truck drivers are among the most valued workers in the modern world. They work for companies of all types and sizes, shipping their products from the place of production to the place of marketing. The nature of their lives has been commemorated in countless songs, making them the twentieth- century equivalent of the nineteenth century pioneer or frontiersman.” – How to Become Your Own Boss as a Truck Driver

Companies will, however, provide thorough training in emergency protocols and potential hazards. Ice road trucking isn’t for the fainthearted, but it’s an excellent opportunity to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time.


Speciality car haulers

Car hauler jobs involve transporting damaged cars or new cars needing to be delivered to clients. This job requires drivers to inspect vehicles for damage, operate transport equipment, and load and unload vehicles onto the truck. Beginners can expect to earn $60,000, while the average wage is $73,000. Delivering speciality cars can earn you more. Car hauling is suited to patient, careful, and timely drivers with strong problem solving and customer service skills.

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To apply for any one of these high-paying trucking jobs, you’ll need a valid CDL license and at least three to five years of experience. Most companies will also give prior classroom and on-road training. Exact specifications to qualify for the job depends on the company, so do your research to know what to expect.

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