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6 Careers for Those that Like to Drive

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If you’re looking for a new career, and have been driving to work every day anyway, you might not realize that you’ve already got skills that can get you a job behind the wheel. Not everyone likes to drive, so those who do, and can stand doing it for whole shifts, there are jobs out there that can turn into lifelong careers. Some may require special licensing, but having your normal operator’s license is the necessary first step for all of them. These careers can range from long distance, to just around the block, but all of them have you keeping busy by keeping you on the road.

Bus Driver

This is for sure one that you’ll need a different license for, but there are also multiple ways you can do it. If you like driving long distances, then driving a coach to casinos is a great gig, and you’ll get to meet people along the way. You could even do bigger drives across the country which will give you a chance to travel somewhere new.

There’s also the local transit route. Being a public bus driver also means you’ll meet tons of people, and probably have some regulars. This is always a much shorter distance though, and you’ll get the bearings of the area you’re working in.

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Being a taxi driver may seem like getting barked at by New Yorkers and flagged down by people half in the street, but that’s of course, only if you’re in New York City. For some people, that can be fun, and it means you’ll be working all day, but in smaller cities, taxis can be a calmer situation.

Not everyone likes to drive, so those who do, and can stand doing it for whole shifts, there are jobs out there that can turn into lifelong careers.

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If you’ve ever needed a taxi in a small town, it’s not as simple as going on the street and finding one. For the most part, it’s all getting called and going to make pickups, which means fewer bodies jumping out in front of your vehicle, and a less stressful day.

Uber and Lyft

An option that is similar to driving a taxi, is driving for rideshare apps. This way, you don’t have to be a part of a company and can work on your own terms. But, you don’t get the fancy cars with the partition, and the point of sale is not happening in the vehicle with you, which some people would prefer.

“One of the best benefits of driving for Uber and the reason why I put it first. How many jobs can you say will let you choose your own hours to work? Whether it’s 2 hours a day or 10 hours a day, you choose how many hours you want to work and what time you want to work.” –

If that’s no issue for you, then now is a great time to get into that career. More and more people are ditching their cars for public transit and ride shares, so this job has all sorts of opportunity. It’s also great because this helps elderly folks who can’t drive get around, but that’s not the only job that can do to help the elderly.



Another way to see the country is through trucking jobs. This will also require a different kind of license, but SteelPro is ready to take on new drivers immediately if you’re interested. This would be long nights, often overnights, but you get plenty of alone time and you can travel to far places you probably didn’t think you’d end up seeing otherwise. With Steelpro, the dispatcher is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can drive on whatever schedule works for you.

Driving Instructor

If you really do love driving and want to keep the roads safe, you could become a driving instructor so that you’re teaching the next generation of drivers. Of course, most of the time you’ll be the passenger, but you can flex your driving knowledge and pass it on so that your way of doing things is the norm. You can be your own boss if you start your own driving school as well. This is another social job because you’ll be in a car with a new driver almost all the time, so of course, you’ve got to talk, but that’s what can it make fun and rewarding.

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Lastly, there’s the delivery option. This is also different from driving a passenger car. Very different if you count the constantly open door with UPS as odd. With this job, you’ll get to be alone just like with trucking, but on a much smaller route, which means you don’t end your day away from the family or your friends. People are ordering things online now more than ever so delivery drivers are essential to getting people those packages quickly. It’s a fast-paced career, but if you’re up for the challenge then these career options are for you.

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