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Things you need to know before you apply for a job in marketing – 2021 edition

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Whether you are a college graduate or someone who decided to switch from one career to another – there are certainly some things you need to know before you apply for a job in marketing. marketing.

There Are Many Different Fields to Choose From

Becoming a good marketer will not only require a lot of your time and energy but also knowledge in analytics and psychology and a lot of creativity. So, before you apply for a job in marketing, be sure to have what it takes if you want to land your first job successfully.

First, it is important to know that the marketing options:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Start-up Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization

This is a very brief list of jobs you can get in the marketing industry. Moreover, it is mostly focused on digital marketing as jobs in that field are the most wanted ones. These are listed only for you to get an idea of what is out there, but it is your job to dig deeper and find something that will suit you the most.

 There Are Also Different Job Requirements

Nobody can excel in all possible marketing fields. It is just impossible. So, if you are an outstanding media planner, but you have troubles with analytics, that is perfectly fine. But, in order for you to get a job you will love and a job in which you will be able to thrive, you must make sure you fit its requirements.

Becoming a good marketer will not only require a lot of your time & energy but also knowledge in analytics and a lot of creativity. So, before you apply for a job in marketing, be sure to have what it takes if you want to land your first job successfully.Click To Tweet

Spend some time researching different marketing fields, the positions they offer, and the job requirements necessary for their completion before you apply for a job. Do not focus solely on the salary – all jobs will pay well if you find pleasure in doing them.

Know requirements before applying for a job in marketing. Alt. tag: A woman doing research.

Courses and Coaching are mandatory in the marketing business!

It is also important to mention that most companies nowadays require you to have some experience before you start working for them. So, if you just graduated from college or if you have been working in an entirely different field until now, be sure to take some courses and guided coaching.

For example, if you want to help companies reach new clients via custom campaigns, email or ppc, you should take some courses that will cover all the basics first. You can also find marketing experts willing to offer you some coaching for the job you want to apply for. If you are ambitious and oriented towards a particular ‘marketing’ goal, most marketers will be happy to help you out.

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Some Free Work is Preferred

Speaking of experience, if you do not have any, consider doing some free work. That is a great way to learn on the job and to prove to your future employer that you are a true marketing hero!

So, how to start working for free? Well, first, make a list of everybody you know who either have their own business or have an executive position in somebody else’s business. Then, reach out to them and be honest. Offer your services and emphasize your goals. If you get the green light, be sure to give your best and report your results.

You also offer free work on sites like UpWork for example. Or, you can share your goals on social media. There must be somebody in need of a free marketer out there. In the end, doing this free work and having new experiences is what really impresses on a resume! Thus, do not get demotivated because you are not getting any money – you are getting something that is more important – experience.

Doing free work will help you gain experience and make new contacts! Alt. tag: Two people working.

You Must Nail That Interview!

Another thing you need to know when applying for a job in marketing is that a good CV and a good cover letter will take you places! You must write a CV that will make you stand from the crowd and a cover letter that will represent you in the best possible way. There are many sites online where you can learn how this kind of writing is done, so be sure to do your homework.

Moreover, you must prepare to nail the interview! Start by researching the company you are interviewing for and knowing the job description of the company you are applying for. This will show that you mean business! During the interview, pay special attention to your body language – non-verbal communication is just as important as a verbal one. Lastly, watch your manners, maintain eye contact, and suit up!

Preparing for the job interview is just as important as preparing for the job itself. Alt. tag: A job interview.

Networking Events Are the Way to Thrive

Most people think that networking events are only for the already employed ones. But, that is not true. You should attend as many networking events related to marketing as you can before you apply for a job in marketing. This will allow you to see what jobs are out there and, of course, to expand your contact base.

If you are new to all of this and still do not feel comfortable exposing yourself, that is also okay. Try to push yourself to go to the event anyway, but do not feel pressured to talk. Just listen! Once you go to several events, the talk will come naturally. Moreover, once you do land a job, do not forget that networking can boost your career too! So, keep on going to the events even after you are hired and socialize with experts from all fields – you never know what could happen!

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