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interviews2Marketing – it’s the career that is calling to you and you are in the midst of job seeking.

The competition out there is tough so you need to do what will make you stand out. But what exactly is that?

Check out these tips to help you do the most important thing of all right now, market yourself.

Before the interview

  1. Showcase your top-notch communication skills. Communication is key to marketing, and now, more than ever, in a number of mediums. Not only do you need to be able to show your writing and speaking talents, you also need to show that you can convey your communication skills through PowerPoint, emails, social media and other electronic media. Have samples ready and be prepared to create something if an interviewer asks.
  2. Perfect your cover letter. The first step of showing your communication skills is to have a well-written cover letter, well, even beyond that. Besides being impeccably written, personalize it as much as possible for each company you are interviewing with. Let the others use the formula, generic cover letter while you show your prospective employers you’ve taken the time to learn about their company and show why it interests you, as well as how you can benefit them.
  3. Use social media. Social media is great for job searching so touch on as much of it as you can – get the word out on Facebook, Tweet a link to your résumé, complete a thorough profile on linkedin and anywhere else you can get your profile seen. While you are looking on social media, get a little bit of yourself out there, too. You can showcase some great writing samples via a blog (make sure you put it on your résumé) or any other social media forum, and maybe you’ll catch someone’s eye and they’ll be contacting you. Be smart and write about some current marketing trends, big businesses or latest news. Remember, you are marketing yourself right now.


For the interview

  1. Dress the part. If you aren’t sure what to wear, ask the person who you are in contact with. You don’t need to sound like a teenage girl going to the movies, but just inquire about the dress code. You don’t want to be dressed in a suit if they are all casual, or the other way around. Dressing the part speaks volumes as well as adding to your comfort during the interview.
  2. Ask questions, too. Make the interview a two way street. This will show you have initiative and are inquisitive, two great marketing qualities. Try to be relaxed while still being professional; be confident without being cocky. Questions will help you out here, by showing you care enough to ask and that you don’t feel like you know it already, but want to.
  3. Say thank you.  As you leave the interview, be sure to say thank you to everyone you meet, from the interviewer to the receptionist. You may be working here before long, and want to have a good first impression.


Once the interview is over, take some time to follow up with a well-written, personable email.

Marketing is a competitive field, growing all the time as companies get bigger and global products and services are more abundant.

Show your prospective employers that you are who they want. The job can be yours!

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Good luck in your search.

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