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The Top 4 Reasons Why Online Pharmacist Might be a Career Option for You

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In recent years, brick and mortar businesses have been facing serious challenges from the rise of online shopping and e-commerce platforms. As we grow increasingly dependent on our computers and smartphones, one of the major changes in how our society functions is related to how we buy things. From online grocery shopping to reserving a hotel via Airbnb, there are few things that you cannot purchase on the internet anymore.

As an online pharmacist, you could potentially create a website where you offer in-depth, independent review and information on the prescription drugs that you sell.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, more and more people are looking to the web to fill their prescriptions. The career of an online pharmacist is growing at incredible rates as people around the world are finding numerous benefits that come with online purchase options. Below, we look at four reasons why becoming an online pharmacist might be a valid (and prosperous) career option for you.


People Buy Both Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs Online

While most people associate an online pharmacist with the sale of prescription drugs, it is also possible to market common over the counter drugs through online platforms. A Prescription doctor, then, could potentially increase the number of products that they offer to their online clients. If a customer visits your website looking to refill his or her prescribed allergy-related asthma medication, you might also be able to sell them related over the counter drugs such as diphenhydramine and pseudoephedrine to help control their allergic reactions. A recent study in Germany found that over 60% of internet users purchased some sort of drug (both prescription and over the counter) during the past year.

“If you want to become a pharmacist, you need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) from a school or college of pharmacy. The program you attend must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.” –

Taking Location out of the Equation

One of the problems associated with starting up a brick and mortar pharmacy business is that you never know if your location is going to be functional for prospective clients. Renting a locale in the center of town will most likely be out of your budget range, and by locating your pharmacy at a considerable distance from potential customers, you risk losing business because people are increasingly unwilling to commute long distances for their shopping needs.

Furthermore, if you happen to open a business in an area where other pharmacies are nearby, you will face direct competition in your area. Taking your business online, on the other hand, you can essentially take “location” out of the equation for how you plan your business, and thus reduce potential competition from nearby stores.

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People Are Interested in learning about Drugs Online

A recent poll by Pew Research in the United States found that 26% of people have researched prescription drugs online. The explosion of access to knowledge that has come with the internet means that many people are no longer content to simply trust the advice of an expert. Rather than simply acknowledging the advice or prescriptions of their doctors, people want to conduct their own research and explore the available options on their own.

As an online pharmacist, you could potentially create a website where you offer in-depth, independent review and information on the prescription drugs that you sell. This would potentially allow your potential clients to use your online platform as both a knowledge source and a site to purchase their drugs.

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Register for Legitimacy

Unfortunately, the internet is also full of scams, and many online consumers are growing increasingly wary of what and how they purchase online. Fortunately, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain recently created an online accreditation program for legitimate and accredited pharmacies. By applying for and receiving their Green Cross logo, you can let your clients know that you are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Society, and thus help to assuage fears of scams.

These four reasons make the career of an online pharmacist potentially profitable and rewarding.

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