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Why Choose a Career in Physical Therapy?

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Selecting a career is a monumental life decision. If factors like location, income, benefits, and the opportunity for travel are high on your priority list, then a career in physical therapy could be an excellent match for you.

Pursuing a career in physical therapy offers a wide range of fulfilling job opportunities. A key decision for many therapists is whether to work in a stationary setting or to become a traveling physical therapist. Those who choose the latter enjoy several unique benefits, including the chance to explore various regions of the country, enhanced earning potential, and a more comprehensive insurance and benefits package, setting them apart from their non-traveling peers.

Travel Opportunities

A traveling physical therapist enjoys the unique advantage of exploring various parts of the country, often accompanied by family. This not only offers the thrill of seeing new places on the company’s dime but also presents the chance to work in some of the nation’s top medical facilities. Such exposure can significantly elevate one’s career, providing valuable experience in cutting-edge techniques and settings, which may subsequently open doors to new employment opportunities.

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your life. If location, earnings, location, benefits, and traveling are important to you, then a career path as a Physical therapist might be the best fit for you.Click To Tweet


Financial considerations naturally take center stage when you’re seeking new job opportunities. Luckily, choosing a career as a traveling physical therapist comes with compelling financial perks. Those willing to embrace this mobile lifestyle are often rewarded with completion bonuses after fulfilling their contractual obligations at a given location. Furthermore, many employers provide a per diem allowance, covering essential daily expenses like meals and travel.

Beyond these immediate benefits, some programs take a long-term view by offering their physical therapists educational incentives. These may come in the form of fully or partially funded continuing education courses, providing an additional pathway for career advancement and skill enhancement.


Besides salary, insurance coverage is a key factor to consider when evaluating job opportunities. If you’re contemplating a career as a traveling physical therapist, you may have concerns about potentially limited insurance options. Fortunately, these positions usually come with a comprehensive suite of insurance benefits. You can typically expect coverage for dental and health needs, along with optional add-ons for life, medical, and even disability insurance.

Other Benefits

Depending on the company you work for as a traveling physical therapist, various travel packages may come with additional perks like housing and retirement plans, including 401(k) options. Some employers even provide incentive programs featuring completion bonuses, sign-on bonuses, or contract extension bonuses. Companies that offer customizable benefits packages provide the greatest flexibility, allowing you to prioritize the perks most important to you.

Traveling as a Physical therapist

Before embarking on a career as a traveling physical therapist, it’s crucial to clarify some key aspects of your ideal job. Here are some important questions to consider:

  1. What type of facilities does the PT wish to work at?
  2. How far is the physical therapist willing to travel?
  3. How long is the physical therapist willing to travel for work?
  4. Will the PT travel alone or with his or her family?
  5. What are the PT requirements for housing?
  6. What benefits are essential?

Equipped with answers to these critical questions, physical therapists are better positioned to seek out the right travel therapy company for their career goals.

Selecting a Travel Physical Therapy Company

Researching travel physical therapy companies that operate in your areas of interest provides an excellent starting point. Pay attention to the company’s longevity, size, and the specific benefits it offers. Before committing, request a sample contract and meticulously review all clauses to fully understand the terms.

One of the most effective methods for choosing a travel physical therapy company is to seek referrals from trusted colleagues. This approach is crucial as it allows the physical therapist to concentrate on the factors that are most significant in identifying the right company for their career needs.


Choosing a career in physical therapy offers a pathway to a fulfilling, impactful, and financially rewarding life. As a physical therapist, you not only gain the satisfaction of helping others improve their quality of life, but you also enjoy a flexible work environment, numerous opportunities for specialization, and excellent job security. The demand for physical therapy services is increasing, especially as the population ages and awareness grows about the benefits of a non-invasive approach to managing pain and mobility issues.

Whether you opt for a stable position in a healthcare facility or decide to explore the country as a traveling physical therapist, this career promises both personal and professional growth. Embarking on a career in physical therapy equips you with the skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your patients, while also building a secure future for yourself.

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