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Physical Therapy as a Career

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Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your life. If location, earnings, location, benefits, and traveling are important to you, then a career path as a Physical therapist might be the best fit for you.

A physical therapy career opens the door to a variety of rewarding job opportunities. One of the most important considerations for physical therapists is whether or not to travel to different hospitals and other medical facilities. Physical therapists opting to travel enjoy a number of benefits not available to their less mobile counterparts, including the opportunity to travel around the country, financial advantages, insurance, and other benefits associated with being a traveling PT.

Travel Opportunities

A traveling physical therapist has the opportunity to travel around the country with his or her family. Not only does this mean being paid to visit new places, but it may also mean having the opportunity to work at some of the best medical facilities in the nation. This can be a great career boost in terms of gaining experience with new techniques and facilities. These new skills can, in turn, lead to new job opportunities.

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your life. If location, earnings, location, benefits, and traveling are important to you, then a career path as a Physical therapist might be the best fit for you.Click To Tweet


Financial concerns are always a top priority in any job search. Fortunately, working as a traveling PT includes some great monetary benefits. PTs willing to travel may be eligible for completion bonuses. In addition, per diem, or reimbursement for certain expenses like meals and travel, may be available. Finally, some programs may offer their physical therapists a financial incentive to continue their education, paying for part or all of continuing education courses.


In addition to salary, it is also important to consider the insurance coverage associated with any job. Those considering becoming a traveling physical therapist may be concerned about the perceived lack of insurance associated with this career path. The good news is that traveling positions for PTs often include a variety of insurance coverage policies. Common benefits include dental and health insurance, as well as the option to add life insurance, medical insurance, and even disability insurance.

Other Benefits

Depending on the travel physical therapy company, different PT travel packages also include additional benefits such as housing and retirement plans like 401(k)s. Some companies also offer incentive packages that include completion bonuses, sign-on bonuses, or contract extension bonuses. Companies that allow PTs to customize their benefits packages offer the most flexibility in terms of focusing on the benefits that are most important.

Traveling as a Physical therapist

When looking into traveling, physical therapists should first clarify a few points in terms of their ideal traveling job. Some important questions to ask include:

1) What type of facilities does the PT wish to work at?
2) How far is the physical therapist willing to travel?
3) How long is the physical therapist willing to travel for work?
4) Will the PT travel alone or with his or her family?
5) What are the PT requirements for housing?
6) What benefits are essential?
Armed with answers to these questions, physical therapists can take the next step: looking for a travel physical therapy company.

Selecting a Travel Physical Therapy Company

Reading up on the travel physical therapy companies servicing the area or areas of interest is a great way to get started. One should focus on how long the company has been in business, the size of the company, and what particular benefits they offer. It is also important to ask to see a sample contract and clearly review all clauses before agreeing to anything in writing.

However, one of the best ways to go about selecting a travel physical therapy company is to solicit referrals from trusted colleagues. This step is essential because it permits the physical therapist to focus on the aspects that are most important in selecting the right travel physical therapy company.

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