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Every day, job seekers review vacancies on their favourite platforms. Whether they click to upload their resumes or are redirected to an online profile builder, sometimes several hundreds of candidates apply for the same position. Only one of them will be offered the role at the end of the interview process. Every candidate asks the same question: how can I make sure to be the one they choose? 

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It’s a difficult answer. indeed, your skill sets, naturally, are detrimental to the role. You wouldn’t dream of applying for a position that requires certifications and experience you don’t have. However, it’s fair to say that if ticking off the skill requirements in every job description were all it took to land your dream job; there would be fewer job seekers. Your personality plays a significant part in convincing the employer that you’re the right person for the role. Similarly, you can’t send your CV without making sure first that you have reliable references who are going to promote you to recruiters. 

It’s fair to say that if ticking off the skill requirements in every job description were all it took to land your dream job; there would be fewer job seekers.

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But you also have to consider that recruiters and employers are social creatures who rely on first impressions to develop a trusting relationship with each candidate. Nailing the first impression is going to tip the scales in your favour when it comes to deciding between candidates with similar experience and background. You’ve probably read countless articles explaining how to maintain eye contact during an interview or how to do a firm but friendly handshake. But, in reality, you need more than an online how-to tutorial to make an unforgettable impression. You need experts who can provide dedicated support. 

Boost your profile with a personal site 

The tutor who helps you with your grades

Some positions require specific degree classification. indeed, you have probably come across specs targeted at 2:1-degree owners, or 1st class. In the UK system, the rating refers to the marks out of 100, meaning that 1st class degrees have obtained a score of 70 or over. While this information is typically relevant to entry-level positions and semi-managerial roles, it can also affect your chances of being a successful applicant. However, you can work closely with a dedicated professional during your student years to maximise your chances. A law tutor can help you to reach your potential and improve your marks for LLB or LLM degrees, for instance. For anybody who is still finishing their studies, personalised tutoring can be the way forward, especially if you struggle with complex lessons or topics. 

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The web designer who creates your site

The idea that you should need a web designer as a job applicant can seem ludicrous at first. But, you’d be surprised to know that a different approach can prove more successful than a traditional cv. indeed, the story of Nina from Airbnb has become an overnight hit that shows the full potential of a personal website. Nina became a member on Airbnb in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the company. However, by 2015, she had tried many strategies to attract the attention of the company and failed to receive a positive response. Therefore, with the help of a web designer, she launched her personal website that introduced not only her enthusiasm for Airbnb but also some of the research work she’s been doing. Ninan’s work not only got her an interview with Airbnb but she also got noticed by a load of other big brands, including UpWork where she landed a job. The lesson here is clear: create new and exciting content that will get you noticed. 


The copywriter who nails that cover letter

Unless you’re a trained content creator in the recruiting industry, the chances are that writing a cover letter might be challenging. indeed, when you have only a few words to impress, you can’t afford to skip the cover letter. However, you are one of many candidates; how much time do recruiters dedicate to reading your material? The answer is less than you think! Therefore nailing your cover letter by keeping it sweet and short is a delicate but necessary skill to master. But, there’s nothing that stops you from polishing up your finished letter with a professional copywriter who can help you to improve some phrases for more impactful content. Ultimately, you want an informative letter that showcases not only your expertise but also your personality, which is something a trained writer can help you with. 

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The professional recruiter who checks your PPT

More and more companies ask candidates to prepare a quick presentation. Creating a stand-out presentation is a skill that you need to develop. Typically, the Recruiter provides you with a few days to a few weeks to prepare a topic – you can expect anything from extensive research into the future trends in the industry to a case study. Needless to say, you’ll have to do your homework to nail the content of your presentation. But when it comes to the shape and format of your PPT file, you can work closely with a recruiting agent or a presentation expert to make sure your slides don’t send your audience to sleep. The first rule of presenting in front of an audience is to get your listeners to participate, building the slides in such a way that you leave them questioning and thinking. 

“Job interviews are pretty daunting, in all sorts of different ways. It’s already a pretty harrowing thing to be put in a situation where you are going through a make or break “test” to obtain a job you really want and care about, and when you add in the importance of personal presentation, a well-formatted cv, and all the rest, it can be difficult to stay calm and composed.” – 4 Tips for Boosting Your Confidence for an Interview

The theatre coach who helps you with your anxiety

Don’t be fooled into thinking that an elegant slide design is all it takes to run a brilliant PPT presentation. When you present your ideas to recruiters, you are effectively stepping into the role of a public speaker, regardless of whether you’re applying for a public-facing position or not. Speaking in public is not an easy task for some people. Shy and introverted personalities can feel at significant disadvantages during interviews. However, you can improve your techniques and boost your confidence with a few theatre courses. indeed, some practical acting tips can let you manage your anxiety and use your voice and body language effectively. Think about your presentation as a two-part performance where the content you deliver needs to be matched by the quality of the delivery. 

The stylist who knows office elegance

A stylist? You might be thinking that the last thing you need is a stylist. But in reality, your clothes are part of creating the first impression. indeed, you’ll find that most employers are keen to let you know whether they value a casual or formal dress code for the interview, which is your first clue. If nobody provides any detail, you should aim for a relaxed formal outfit. However, it’s fair to say that when recruiters meet dozens of candidates in a day, your style can make a significant impact and differentiate you from others. A stylist who helps you to nail your interview outfit without losing your personality helps you to stand out from a crowd of dull tailored blazers and trousers. When you stand out, employers remember you! 

The manicure technician who gives you a killer handshake

What does your handshake say about you? While there are many studies of what makes a good handshake, you need to understand that the people you’ll be meeting are unlikely to have the psychological knowledge necessary to make sense of your behaviour. However, they can build an impression based on your handshake. A typical rule of thumb is to aim for something halfway between a wet-fish and the power crusher handshake, aka not too weak or strong. But more importantly, your nail and hand will do the talking. Clean, manicured hands create a positive impression. For a formal office role, women can use neutral shades, for instance. Men also benefit from a manicure that looks after their nails and cuticles. 

Clean manicure

The coach who teaches you to land your dream pay

As a candidate, you rarely feel in a good position to negotiate your salary. However, nobody works for free. Knowing how to agree on your starting pay and asking for a raise is critical to your career. An executive coach can be a resourceful mentor to help you to navigate the troubled waters of pay negotiation. You should always do your research carefully by defining the salary range for your location and skill set. Don’t be afraid to ask for more as it is a common strategy that confirms you’re a top player. Additionally, you need to be clear from the start about your salary expectations during the interview process. While some recruiters are uncomfortable discussing money matters, you need to protect your interest and let them know that you have a minimum non-negotiable price. 

The inside man who tells you about the business

Last but not least, platforms such as LinkedIn can let you connect to professionals who are active within the company or the industry sector of your choice. Even without building an extensive relationship, you can use their posts to gain the market savviness you need. Additionally, you can also use your network to engage and interact with local players and managers who can share their tips about specific businesses. 

There is no secret. Behind every successful applicant, there is a large team of experts. From the stylist who picks your interview outfit to the theatre coach who helps you to take the stage for your presentation, you can find reassurance in the knowledge that you don’t have to go through the interview challenges on your own.

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