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Job search can be challenging, There are so many jobs listed, and many times the jobs are either already filled or no one gets back to you. It’s easy to become discouraged and to lose focus. A successful job search is a series of tasks and approaches applied over a period of time. While you could get lucky and quickly find a job, this is unlikely in any market.

Are Job Search Sites Worth Your Time?

There are hundreds of job search sites that are available on the Internet. You would never have the time to check them all out (nor should you). Are they worth your time? In a word, yes. Should you register with hundreds? No, but you should focus on those that will best meet your needs. We’ve created a short-list of the best job search sites based on our review of twenty-five or so well-known job search sites.

A successful job search is a series of tasks and approaches applied over a period of time. While you could get lucky and quickly find a job, this is unlikely in any market.Click To Tweet

Should you just use one job search site?  Probably not.  While there may be some overlap across job search sites in terms of listings, there are times that some opportunities only show on a specific site.  Signing up for two to three job search sites should be more than enough.  Every site has pros and cons, find the two or three sites that offer the best functionality for your needs.


We considered the following criteria for each of the sites listed below:

  • Ease of use – The overall user interface and ease of joining, searching and creating search filters
  • Mobile AppJob search is 24/7 these days, so we did not consider any job search sites that did not have smartphone apps for both iOS and Android.  For those sites that did have mobile apps, we compared functionality and set minimum requirements:
    • Must allow searching by keywords, title, and location.
    • Must have a free version in addition to any premium version.
    • Must be able to get job alerts for job opportunities that meet a candidate’s profile.
  • Broad Coverage – We only included job search sites that offered a broad range of career titles and locations.  We did not look at focused sites (sites that specialize in an industry, skill or location).
  • Cost – Free is great, but sometimes you want some premium services for a price.  In this review, we focused only on a site’s free offering (whether or not they had a premium offering as well).
  • Size – The number of users, companies, or jobs posted for any one site is not always the best indicator for the best site, but it does help.
  • Basic Functionality – All of the sites listed below offer some form of profiles/resume uploads, job alerts as well as search by keyword and location. Ease of applying to job opportunities is key, but keeping track of jobs applied for varies across platforms.
  • Omissions – As mentioned above, most of these sites have similar functionality.  Not listing a specific function in the reviews below does not necessarily mean that it is not available on the site.

The Best Job Search Sites

A brief overview of our top 5 in no particular order.  While all of these sites are excellent, our pick for the “best of the best” is

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, launched in 2003 and now owned by Microsoft, offers much more than just job search.  The first social networking platform for careers, LinkedIn is one of the top sites used by recruiters when looking for job candidates. It is still the largest site for business/career social networking (well over 600 million users worldwide) which is very useful, but it has seen an increase in “spam” and sales pitches from individuals over the years.

  • Invest the time in setting up your profile, this will help you get noticed by recruiters.
  • Set up job alerts to get emails on opportunities based on your criteria.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers both free and paid courses to enhance your skills.
  • Apply for or Save jobs is available.
  • Try the iPhone or Android app.
  • Free to use, but there is a premium offering with more functionality as well.

2. (our pick)

ZipRecruiter has the top-ranked mobile app for job search and one of the largest databases of job opportunities.  ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers and has a number of tools, including salary info (“real salaries from real employers” is ZipRecruiter’s tag line for this).  You can search for jobs based on job title, keyword, or location.  ZipRecruiter keeps track of applied jobs and allows you to save jobs that you might want to look review at a later time.  ZipRecruiter’s profile section is very robust.

  • Creating a resume profile on ZipRecruiter is easy (you can upload an existing resume file). This will help recruiters find you.
  • Free to use and easy to create a profile. Upload your resume (uploading the Word version of my resume worked fine).
  • ZipRecruiter uses AI technology to actively connect millions of all-sized businesses and job seekers.  ZipRecruiter will suggest jobs based on previous searches.
  • Search real salaries based on job title and location.
  • All of the keywords and skills from your resume are posted as part of your profile.
  • Keep track of the jobs that you’ve applied for by using their “Applied Jobs” link.

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3. launched in 2004 and is one of the best known and largest job search boards in terms of unique visits.’s app is among one of the best and has similar functionality to the website. Indeed claims to add ten new jobs every second. Indeed is a job aggregator, showing jobs posted directly by employers and pulling in postings from across the web.

  • A resume builder is available.
  • Free resources for job seekers.
  • Job alerts are available.
  • Sign-up for an account in order to leverage the best functionality.
  • Free job search for all users.
  • “Apply now” for a job button as well as make a job listing your favorite.
  • Featured employers and company pages.


According to Wikipedia, (originally the Monster Board) was the first job search site and officially launched as in 1999.  With Monster, as with the other job search sites, you can add your profile, upload your resume and apply for jobs.

  • Save job positions
  • Setup search queries
  • Set up periodic notifications when new jobs meet your criteria
  • Research salaries based on job title and location
  • Upload your resume and apply for jobs
  • Get advice on key job search topics
  • There are networking boards as well as company profiles

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