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The Best Asian Countries for Starting a Business

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  1. Singapore
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Philippines

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Asian countries offer entrepreneurs access to resources, strong economies, and tax incentives that can help them succeed in the continent.

Singapore offers IT and tech services, retail stores, logistics and shipping, and financial services for entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong provides e-commerce solutions, startup incubators, and FinTech companies for business owners.

The Philippines is a great destination for tourism and hospitality businesses, food and beverage ventures, and manufacturing operations.

If you want to start a business in Asia, many countries offer great opportunities. From busy cities with access to world-class infrastructure and resources to smaller towns with untapped potential and fewer competitors, the continent offers something for everyone. Here’s a look at some of the best Asian countries for starting a business.



Singapore is one of the most developed and prosperous countries in Asia. It has strong economic growth, low taxes, and a stable political environment-all of which make it an ideal place to start a business. Singapore also has excellent infrastructure and access to many resources that can help businesses grow quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Singapore’s proximity to other major economies in the region makes it easier for entrepreneurs to reach out to customers outside their home country. Here are some businesses that your can start in Singapore:

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IT and Technology Services

Singapore is the ideal destination for tech entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in Asia. It has easy and efficient access to IP protection laws, testbeds, grants, and resources to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

Retail Stores

Singapore is an attractive place for retailers due to its strong economy, high consumption rate, and strategic location at the crossroads of Asia. Retailers can benefit from Singapore’s low taxes, access to various resources, and efficient transportation systems.

Logistics and Shipping

One of the main reasons why Singapore is so attractive for e-commerce businesses is its excellent logistics infrastructure. From efficient shipping companies to reliable customs services, entrepreneurs can easily set up a business in this country and take advantage of their many resources. Additionally, Singapore’s well-established connectivity to other major Asian economies makes it easy for online businesses to expand their reach.

Financial Services

Due to its highly developed financial sector and easy access to capital markets, Singapore is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in the financial services industry. Businesses can use the resources from banks to stock exchanges to expand their operations.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another popular destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Asia. Its strategic location between China and Southeast Asia makes it an ideal hub to base operations in both regions.

Hong Kong also offers plenty of tax incentives for large and small businesses and an efficient legal system that can help protect your interests. Also, Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center makes it easier for entrepreneurs to access funds worldwide. Here are businesses that you can start in Hong Kong:


Hong Kong is an ideal destination for entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in Asia’s e-commerce industry. The country offers easy access to shipping services, reliable logistics providers, and an efficient customs clearance system that can help business owners create a successful online store quickly and easily.

Startup Incubators

Hong Kong is home to many startup incubators that offer mentorship, resources, and access to the capital markets. These programs can help entrepreneurs refine their ideas and develop their business models with the help of experienced mentors.

FinTech Companies

Due to its status as a global financial center, Hong Kong is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to set up FinTech companies. The country has a wide range of resources that can make businesses’ success easier, such as access to capital markets and the availability of grants and other financial aid forms.



The Philippines is another great destination for entrepreneurs looking to enter the Asian market. Its proximity to other major economies in Southeast Asia makes it an ideal place to set up a business and take advantage of regional trade agreements. Additionally, the country has relatively low taxes and a strong infrastructure that can help businesses succeed quickly.

Here are some businesses that you can start in the Philippines:

Tourism and Hospitality

The Philippines has long been known for its beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and exciting activities. Entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this can set up a business in the tourism and hospitality industry. From tour guides to resorts, there are many opportunities available for entrepreneurs to explore.

Food and Beverage

The Philippines has various cuisines that appeal to locals and international customers. Entrepreneurs looking to start a business in this sector have access to plenty of resources, including access to local farmers and producers who can supply them with fresh ingredients.


The Philippines has a strong industrial sector that can benefit entrepreneurs looking to set up a factory or plant. For instance, if you want to offer efficient, custom-made visual communications, you can look into starting manufacturing signages in the Philippines which is a great business opportunity. The country has access to world-class machinery and infrastructure to help businesses succeed quickly.

Asia is a great place to start a business due to its diverse markets and access to resources. From Singapore and Hong Kong to the Philippines, many countries in Asia offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to set up shop. Your business can succeed in any of these countries with the right resources and dedication.

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