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How to Move to Canada As a US Citizen

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Our neighbors to the North seem to have a lot of things figured out. Their healthcare is very good and taken care of by taxes. Education is of a very high standard and the crime rate is extremely low. It’s no surprise that many Americans are looking for ways to move to Canada and start a life where they can be healthy and secure.

It isn’t as easy as packing up your things and driving there, however. You’ll need a work visa and those are not the easiest to come by if you don’t qualify based on certain factors.

In this article, I will let you know what you can do to make sure that you are an attractive candidate to get a job and move to Canada.

Be specialized

 One of the surest ways to make sure that you are able to emigrate is to be in a field that is in demand in Canada. There are many jobs in Canada that have a shortage of skilled workers. And in certain provinces, you will have a great shot at working there based on if you have the right skill set or specialization.

In order to move to Canada to start a life where you can be healthy and secure, you’ll need a work visa and those are not the easiest to come by. This is what you can do to make sure that you are an attractive candidate to get a job and move to Canada.Click To Tweet

If you are in university right now then this gives you plenty of time to research which type of jobs are most in-demand so you can then work towards that goal.

Usually, things in the healthcare field are sought after. Paramedics, nurses, and even dentists are in demand all over the country. If healthcare is not your thing then getting into software development is a good idea.

There are plenty of programmers there, though, so you need to focus on things like data scientists or software architects. Basically, anything that is very specific that not everybody is doing as it takes more effort and dedication to get into the field.

Find a job first

Technically, you don’t have to have a job offer before moving to Canada if you fall under the skilled labor shortage umbrella. You can go there and job hunt. And some will advise you to go this route as employers may be more likely to hire somebody already in the country.

This is old information and advice, however. With Zoom and Skype, it is easy to conduct interviews from anywhere at any time. You don’t really need to be in the country so you can really take your time to find the right job offer before jumping on the first one under time pressure.

Send out lots of CVs and ask around from your network if anybody has a connection to a Canadian firm to put in a good word. After getting a job, you will need to hire an immigration consultant to assist you in applying for the Work Permit Visa and preparing all the necessary documentation.

Get a transfer

 Find out if your current employer has a branch in Canada. If so, then you can always try to push for a transfer that keeps you within the company yet allows you to move to Canada.

This isn’t always easy as your boss may not wish to replace you, but it is a good way to explore the possibilities.

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