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How to Become a Travel Paramedic

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Generally, a paramedic happens to be someone you wouldn’t want to see show up. If they do so, it means that it is likely that something very wrong has occurred. As first responders for emergencies, they are the individuals you would want to call first when things go amiss. Usually, paramedics appear first on the scene in case of a crisis, accident, or illness.

Given the saddening condition and a lot of commitment, this kind of job has, only a few individuals show interest in becoming a paramedic officer. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of travel paramedic jobs being advertised worldwide.

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With good salaries, most people have started training and learning how to become a paramedic officer. If you are one of them, this article is ultimately for you. We have explained everything you need to get started and be successful all through.

What Is A Travel Paramedic

Basically, a travel paramedic is an emergency medical technician (EMT) specialist. He/she tends to travel nationally or internationally to give super urgent care coverage in places with insufficient or no emergency response team.

What A Travel Paramedic Does

Being a paramedic may involve undertaking different tasks or duties geared to saving the lives of patients in an area. Most of these duties are the same as for other medical responders. For instance, they provide medical care and instant stabilization while moving the patient to a medical facility. Besides, you have other responsibilities, such as taking and dispatching your assessments on a patient to a physician or nurse.

You can also document your actions and keep an inventory and instruction in your vehicle. Plus, some of them are tasked with air emergency response roles. Therefore, they provide air transportation to patients with an emergency from a remote area like wilderness or national park. Other tasks include:

  • Performing CPR on patients
  • Applying tourniquets
  • Treating wounds of injured people in emergencies
  • Administering IV fluids, medications, and injections
  • Performing respiratory procedures
  • Help expectant mothers deliver their babies

How To Become A Traveling Paramedic

Typically, the paramedic is a remarkable team of medical personnel trained and certified to help in many ways during emergencies. In other words, this career comes with the most incredible level of EMT certification. For you to scoop a chance of applying and getting travel paramedic jobs, you have to meet extremely rigorous requirements. So, this is not the kind of career to take it lightly. Want to become one? Well, you will find the following consideration quite helpful.

1. Get Certified As An EMT-B

Like any other job, meeting the initial training requirements is incredibly vital. In this case, you must undertake the first and most basic level of emergency medical technician training, the EMT-B. The good thing is that you can easily get EMT-B training in many community colleges, including other medical institutions. With 120 to 150 hours recommended for training, you can be sure of completing your first level of training in about six months. After that, you can take the state certification test.

Once you finish that, you can get hired to offer emergency treatment in ambulances and other areas. You can work as an EMT for several years to acquire some skills and experience, which will smoothen your next level of training. There is a specific period in some paramedic programs as an EMT before you get accepted.

After that, you have to undertake a training session for an extra 1200 to 1800 hours to get your paramedic license. More importantly, different countries tend to have additional requirements. Therefore, it is vital to confirm your country’s regulations to avoid any disqualifications or bans.

2. Meet Educational Requirements

If you don’t know, the educational requirements for becoming a paramedic are incredibly rigorous. You must be a GED certificate holder, a high school diploma, CPR certification, and have primary lifesaving skills. Asides from that, it is critical to have at least studied a course in medical technology. Fortunately, you can get your paramedic degree through an online medical school as explored in this article by MyCollegeGuide.

Tons of community colleges offer a two-year degree course in paramedic training. The majority of the time, having good grades in college-level English, mathematics, and biology is the prerequisite for entering a paramedic program.

The program’s curriculum caters to classroom and clinical training sessions at hospitals, fire departments, and ambulance companies. A paramedic trainee often undertakes studies in physiology and anatomy, including other courses like advanced life support, essential trauma life support, and radical pediatric life support.

3. Testing For Your Paramedic License

Once you finish the required training, undertaking a license examination at the local authority in your state is the final step to making your dreams of being a paramedic come true. While the process seems daunting, you can easily find help from friends or even the internet to help you with each step. This will help you get recognized in the state as a qualified paramedic and ensure you have an excellent working experience without crossing roads with the state officials.

Now, as a licensed paramedic, you will have plenty of travel paramedic jobs than an EMT. Besides, you will likely get paid high salaries and acquire more responsibility. For instance, you can find yourself working at a fire station, a cruise ship, hospital, life support helicopter, or any other fascinating area.

Bottom Line

That said, it is evident that becoming a paramedic is very challenging. The requirements for each level of acquiring a license are rigorous, and only a few can make it to the end. But in the long run, choosing this career can be gratifying. As stated earlier, being a travel paramedic calls for much dedication and commitment, making the job a profession than just a calling. You should be ready and more willing to rescue chronically sick patients and accident victims regardless of the place they are. While it is not the type of career choice for everyone, it is a lifelong job for many people. To this end, we believe that you have been well-educated on how to become a dedicated and exciting travel paramedic. Good luck!

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