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Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Career in SEO

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The SEO career choice is on the rise in 2021 when businesses are rushing to create and optimize their websites. And if you want to make more money and learn something new, this niche is just what you’re looking for.

There are hundreds of high-quality courses and webinars; you can even major in SEO and digital marketing in colleges and universities now! But before you step on this path, let us help.

Here, we’ve gathered a brief yet informative guide on the basic steps you will have to take if you ask a question “How to get a job in SEO?”.

There are 5 points you can refer to at moments of confusion. They happen to every beginner, and you shouldn’t be discouraged if it ever happens to you.

So, let’s make the first jump into the world of search engine optimization!

Step #1. Learn SEO and Its Key Focuses


Aside from learning the basic terms and ‘how it works’ topics, you’ll have to know what is included in the work of an SEO pro:

  • Analysis
    Before working on a project, you will have to analyze the website, topical keywords, the ‘point A’ and goals of the website, etc. In this article, you’ll find the most effective tools that will help with that.
  • Backlinks
    One of the most important tasks for an SEO expert is to be ‘fluent’ in backlinks. Where to get them? How to do it quickly and with minimal effort? One method is purchasing high-quality mentions. To get paid links doesn’t mean to buy spammy references now. You can see this page to get more familiar with this innovative look at link marketing.
  • Basic HTML.
    You may need to insert keywords and meta tags into the code of the pages you’re working on. Having a basic knowledge of HTML will make you a much more valuable specialist.
  • Content creation.
    You should be knowledgeable in writing marketing content. This is the most important place you will have keywords inserted to help Google find, crawl, index, and rank pages faster.

As you can see, aside from basic SEO, you’ll need to know a little bit about digital marketing and programming. This will come with experience and make you a better, more valuable professional in the field.

Step #2. Get Certified

There are many ways to get certified as a specialist. The three most effective ones are:

  • A college or university;
  • An online faculty from a college or university;
  • An online course.

The most important thing is to get a proper certification you can include in your portfolio.

Step #3. Practice

You can practice by:

  • Optimizing your own website;
  • Creating SEO Webinars;
  • Taking clients’ projects;
  • Finding a job at an SEO agency.

The most important thing here is to put your knowledge into practice as soon as you start learning something. Create your own website and/or blog and try to rank it as high as possible. This is a place where you’re allowed to make mistakes and not get financial penalties or a professional authority drop.

The SEO career choice is on the rise in 2021 when businesses are rushing to create and optimize their websites. And if you want to make more money and learn something new, this niche is just what you’re looking for.Click To Tweet

Later on, take a few clients and test your techniques there. By that time, you’ll have a great toolset that will make you a specialist even before you get years of practice. Don’t wait for too long and don’t hesitate!

Step #4. Harness Digital SEO Tools


Some of the most important and effective tools are provided by Google. This proves that the search engine works towards providing high-quality answers to people’s queries. Many SEO beginners think that it’s so difficult to rank a page higher because the SE (search engine) has its own plans on ranking their competitors.

However, the only purpose of the system is to bring quick, concise, credible answers to user’s questions.

Here are some Google SEO tools that will help you:

  • Mobile-Friendly Test;
  • Google Correlate;
  • Google My Business;
  • Google Search Console;
  • Google Trends;
  • Google Alert, etc.

And here’s a list of other digital instruments that will provide massive value to your practice:

  • Ahrefs;
  • Ubersuggest;
  • Moz and Moz Pro;
  • SEMrush tools.

They have a similar focus but provide various benefits, such as your website analysis, competitor analysis, recommendations on SEO improvement of your website, the analysis of your backlink profile, keywords, and much more. Explore the market and find tools that will work best for you.

There’s an instrument for every SEO specialist who looks to optimize processes and get precise data on their projects.

Step #5. Create a Portfolio

As you practice, whether on your own sources or the clients you can already get, create a portfolio. Include graphs with the increase in traffic and ratings that you’ve achieved, mention projects if it’s allowed.

You can make a presentation or create a website with the information about you as an SEO specialist. This will help you greatly in your social networking (you can find more tips on this essential step on becoming a demanded professional on, business pitch, marketing of your pages, etc.

Your portfolio is the first thing potential clients will see when considering you for their projects. Take it seriously!

Become an SEO Professional as Soon as Possible

It’s never late to start SEO education and practice. This is one of the most influential jobs of 2021, obviously. Everything connected to digital marketing, website ranking, optimization, and content creation and management is on the rise. To learn more about the world of SEO Agencies and how they work you can check one of the leaders in the business right now which is Key Content.

These occupations will continue to rise with the demand, and it doesn’t matter if the pandemic is over soon. This global change is irreversible. People are using the Internet now to teach and learn, sell and buy, find business partners and customers.

If you think that there are enough SEO specialists out there, look for statistics and find out just how many businesses are in need of a professional at the moment. Start early, practice, create a portfolio, and shoot your shot. You’ll definitely find lots of clients worldwide!

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