Selling Your Skills: 5 Freelance Careers You Should Consider

Many people are giving up working for an employer altogether, and are working for themselves on a freelance basis. There are many advantages to this, including the possibility of flexible hours and control over what clients you choose to work with, and getting out of what could be a hostile work environment. However, there are also disadvantages, such as an unreliable workload and none of the usual benefits you get from an employer.

You need specific skills in order to work as a freelancer, as you will need to be clear about the service you are offering others. To ensure regular work, you need to prove you have what it takes to encourage businesses to hire your services.

The following are some of the more popular freelance careers you may consider.


If you already have a background in marketing, it is worth hiring out your services to small businesses. They may not have the knowhow or the time to market themselves effectively, and you may have the skills to assist them with branding, and finding new ways to advertise their services, such as through social media.

I.T. Consultant

Part of being a freelancer is fitting yourself into areas where others struggle, and many business owners are reluctantly catching up with technology, even if they have no idea on how to use it. Hacking is also becoming more prevalent, and a lot of companies are unsure as to how to protect their networks. So from servicing computer hardware, to installing firewalls, you may have the I.T. skills that a lot of businesses lack.

SEO Consultant

Businesses live or die dependent on their online presence. Considering the competitive marketplace, they want to be at the forefront of internet search engines and not twenty web pages behind. If you know your way around SEO then you will be just the person managers are currently looking for. Ensure you get accredited with SEO certification to prove you are the right person for the job, and give other businesses the online push they need to survive.


There are many forms of freelance writing, from bloggers to ghost writers. There are many low paid writing jobs out there, so don’t be short-changed when approaching prospective clients. As with most freelance jobs, it is worth building up a portfolio of writing, so consider writing for free for a short time until you have something to showcase. You can advertise your services on sites such as Upwork, but be aware that the competition is high, so you will need to know how to sell yourself.


There are a lot of people setting themselves up in photography, but many are complete amateurs who don’t know one end of a camera from another. However, if you have a good eye for a picture, as well as the photoshopping skills to enhance your work, then you may make a good name for yourself. Wedding photographers in particular make a lot of money, so this could be a profitable business.

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