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Entering The Freelancing World: Turning Your Skills Into Cash

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Not everyone can focus on a job that’s regimented, with 9-5 office hours and a focus on office etiquette. Introverts, for example, can have a hard time submitting to this work life. This isn’t to negate the positive effects of this however, many people who work in a 9-5 salaried career have awesome and satisfying work lives. But it’s not for everyone. Some people might fancy taking a risk, using their skills as a personal selling point. Not having a boss can be great, working with clients can be difficult. As with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks, but knowing what you’re in for is always something to get a hold of.

Thorough research is your friend here. Whether you plan to be a freelance writer, videographer, artist or advisor, it’s up to you to promote yourself and provide a professional service. Whatever you do, don’t take a job for granted. Make sure that you follow this handy three-point guide to turn your freelance interactions into fruitful endeavours that will bag you five-star testimonials.

Setting Yourself Up

This is your first step. Setting yourself up as a reliable, informed head of the service you wish to sell is your first step. Understand that you need to keep your mind sharp. Understand that you need to take care of your taxes yourself.

You might need to register as a self-employed service. This is something to consider, because it’ll be easier to look you up in telephone directories, and will also smooth out your tax interactions. If this is just something you do part time, this may not be necessary, but hosting a website or blog could be a good way of bringing you exposure.

Furthermore, make sure you’re kitted out for the job. This isn’t just limited to the equipment needed to maintain a professional service, but if you work on the move might include travel passes or good clothes like work boots. Check out the best work boot reviews for men and women here.

Being Professional

Clients are notoriously tricky (dependent on your field,) and when you only have yourself to represent, it might be difficult to feel professional in every situation. It’s still essential that you do. Word travels fast, and with social media fast means lightning-speed. Make sure that you’re able to draw positive testimonials that will bag you future work. In order to have a publicly accessible place to benefit from this, consider making a social media page or website dedicated to your craft.

Work For Organizations Who Desire Subcontractors

Sometimes the best bet in freelancing is working for a subcontractor. If you’re a writer, finding an SEO agency can be a good bet. If you’re a videographer, offering your services to indie film productions can be a great advantage. Keeping positive relationships with those who are established in the field you’re trying to achieve a standing in can only be good news for the future. Having the backing of a legitimate company is something future prospective clients will look fondly on.

Overall, be sure to keep a professional and dependable reputation from the moment you start. Freelancing can be the most freeing of career paths if you’re willing to be a self-starter and are motivated to get the tasks done correctly.

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