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Finding a Career Outside the Office

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For some people, the thought of sitting at a desk in a cubicle is awful. If you shudder at the idea of a typical desk job, consider an industry with outdoor opportunities, flexible schedules, or unique working premises is what you need.

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If you enjoy working with your entire body, then construction work might be the career for you. You’ll spend most of your time at building sites, and very rarely will you ever see the inside of an office. Contractors and site supervisors have to spend a bit more time inside, but they are outdoors in a hard hat supervising the construction work for a significant portion of the work week. Plus, the psychological reward of being part of completing an entire building is gratifying.

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Real Estate

Part of a real estate agent’s job happens in an office, but a lot of it happens outside the office. As a real estate agent, you’ll tour houses with clients, host open houses for your agency, and communicate with loan officers and other professionals who are involved in closing a real estate deal. If you’re a popular agent with many clients, expect to spend entire days showing houses. Weekend work is common for a real estate agent, so make sure you’re okay with having days off in the middle of the week instead of on Saturday and Sunday.

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Chefs spend time perfecting dishes and cooking vast volumes of food every day for restaurants all over the world. From the line cooks who prepare ingredients to the head chefs who run the kitchen, the life of a chef or a cook is not like any other. If you prefer to work early mornings, get a job preparing food at a breakfast joint. If you’re a night owl, become a good enough chef to work in an upscale evening restaurant. The training is rigorous and it takes years before you’ll be running your own kitchen, but if you enjoy the work, it’s worth it to escape the office setting.

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Some people want to avoid the office in favor of their own personal laptops, home offices, and favorite corners of local coffee shops. Skip the salaried life altogether and become a freelancer in your field. Gone are the days when freelancers were mostly photographers and writers for magazines. Now, freelance work is available for artists, writers, marketers, software developers, business analysts, and many more professions. Telecommuting as an independent contractor means you won’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to.

“freelance work was once considered something you did on the side to make some extra cash, explore a new field, or develop a new skill. Today, it’s an opportunity to turn your passions into a long-term, lucrative career. With 53 million people working as independent workers and growing strong, this segment will make up 40% of the workforce by 2020.” –

Work-From-Home Business

freelance might not quite be your cup of tea, but the idea of working for yourself still appeals. That’s where a work-from-home business comes into play. Join up with a reputable company who will provide you with the tools you need to start a business. For example, take control of your career with Amway when you decide to start selling one of their many popular health and beauty lines. You’ll have more control over your schedule than you ever could in an office job, and you’ll be selling something you feel passionate about.

Police Work

Yes, police officers do work at desks sometimes, and they do have to complete paperwork. But police reports are not your typical paperwork, and police officers spend ample time away from their desks, too. As a police officer, you may monitor traffic, investigate domestic disturbances, or even investigate the most dangerous of crimes.

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Teachers have desks, but they don’t work in cubicles or corporate offices. Teachers are the masters of the classroom, imparting knowledge to children, teens, and even adults. For people with a playful spirit who love to be around kids, teaching young children or even pursuing a career in early childhood development can be promising. If you’d rather interact with adults, pursue an adjunct position as a professor, teach continuing education classes, or hold seminars in your field.

Sometimes the best way to find your career is to imagine the setting in which you want to work. Then research industries and jobs that will allow you to work there, so you spend time in a place that makes you happy.

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