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Unlock Your Dream Job: Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

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If you are a job seeker currently looking for his or her next career change, you may find yourself wondering whether you should use a recruitment agency or CV distribution service in a bid to generate more potential leads. In the past, recruitment agencies had a bad name and reputation due to a small minority of them misbehaving, but recruitment agencies these days are very good resources, which you can make good use of when job hunting.

“Pick and choose your recruiters thoughtfully and carefully. While you want to ensure you are well represented, you don’t want to be over-represented (or misrepresented). And while the vast majority of recruiters are professional, there are a handful (like everything in life) that should be avoided. Ask your friends, family, college recruiting office and business associates for a list of respected recruiters.” – Choosing Headhunters and Recruiters

Using a recruitment agency is quick, simple, and easy, and they are the perfect solution for somebody who is currently working a full-time job and wants a career change but doesn’t necessarily have enough spare time to go out there and search for themselves.

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Each year, recruitment agencies help millions of people throughout the world make their next move and land their dream jobs, and you could be next. There are several reasons why it’s usually a good idea to trust a recruitment agency with your cv, and these are some of the best.

1. Recruitment Agencies Know Your Industry

In many cases, they will know the industry you are in better than you do. Many recruitment agencies and recruitment agents are specialists within certain industries and have spent several years working in these industries themselves.

It’s quite common for recruitment agencies to specialize in a small handful of niche areas such as sales, IT, and graduate jobs, and then these areas are broken down further depending on the agency and the recruitment specialists working at the firm. If you are considering using a recruitment agency, it’s always best to go with one which has proven specialist experience within your industry rather than a generalist agency

Recruitment agents know industries like the back of their hand and they are best placed to help you shine bright amongst the many candidates going for the same job.

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2. They Can Get Your cv In Front of the Right People

Many recruitment agencies and agents have direct relationships and access to important key decision-makers in some of the country’s leading companies. These people can include human resources departments, partners, and directors.

When you send an online application to a firm vs having it sent through a recruitment agency, it may never reach the right person and you’ll almost always never get any feedback. When an agency does this, they will be able to make sure it ends up in front of the right person and get useful feedback should you not be successful.

3. Save Lots of Time

By far, especially if you are still working or are otherwise busy, the best part about using a recruitment agency is that it saves tonnes of time. After all, searching for a job is a full-time job in itself, and many people who are still holding down jobs whilst looking for their next role will miss out on opportunities, forget to send in applications, and make silly mistakes.

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In contrast, a recruitment agent’s job is to find your next job. Their full-time day-to-day is to do everything for you and you will stand a much better chance of securing an interview by using a recruitment agency if you don’t have the free time to dedicate 100% effort to your job search.


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Also, think about how it’s a recruitment agency’s job to find you a job – it is in their best interests to work hard so that they find you a job in the end and generate revenue for themselves. Additionally, agencies rely heavily on referrals and they are much more likely to secure these if they do a good job of helping you.

4. Receive Good Feedback

Recruitment agencies won’t leave you in the dark if you’re not successful post-interview. They will secure detailed and critical feedback from whoever interviewed you so that you can take this on board and then use it to stand a better chance in the future.

Some of the feedback received can sometimes seem harsh, especially when it’s coming from the mouth of a recruitment agent, but it’s important to take it in your stride so that you can improve yourself and get ready for future interviews. Sometimes, finding that dream job can be a long process, and receiving good feedback can help you make changes you would never have considered otherwise.

Finding a job can be a very long, boring, and drawn-out process that requires a lot of time thought, and effort to do. There are hundreds of recruitment agencies located around the country who work full-time to find you your next job. Although many people secure work without them, they are used by millions of people each year who want to tap into specialist industry knowledge, save time, and improve their core competencies and interview technique by receiving feedback after each unsuccessful experience.

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