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When Changing your Job Means Changing your Lifestyle

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Change the world

Millions of people around the country and the world have worked in good, paying jobs for years, and have set money aside, but now wish to take a different route. They wish to do something about their passions. Some look for new, challenging careers in entrepreneurship; others look for simpler lives where they can see the world and learn about different kinds of people. Yet others hope to do things that help change the world. These second-wind life callings are called encore careers, and they are a popular trend.

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What kinds of options do people pick?

There are many ways to go about building an encore career. Depending on what you want to do, there are organizations to help place you. Or you may need to chart your own course.

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If you love teaching and have education or work experience that would make you a good teacher, organizations such as Now Teach are able to help. They locate schools that are short of teachers and match them with people at the end of their careers, who want to make a switch to something that helps them make a difference. Now Teach’s website features stories about people who have been astronauts, CEOs, diplomats, and corporate engineers, who have made the switch to teaching school in England. Salaries are as high as £70,000 a year in some cases.

A vast number of other options exist. Vocation Vacations is a jobs site that matches retirees with exotic jobs to try out during a vacation. You can go with short-term options for anything from fashion designing to inn-keeping and TV journalism. Experience Corps and help people find openings in various communities to mentor or tutor young people, and Volunteer Match, as the name suggests, sets you up with organizations that need volunteers.

“Nowadays, there’s more data than ever on what makes a job good, great or the best. And in our hyperconnected world employees have instant access to online tools that empower them to share exactly what it is that they like or don’t like in a job or company. These raves (and, at times, rants) help others identify what their best job could be, and where they might find it.” –

An encore career isn’t about finding something, anything to do to make a few dollars in retirement. Instead, it is what people choose when they are older, have a great deal of knowledge and experience, and would like to find a way of doing something valuable with it. From midwifery in poor villages to free surgery and nursing, there are all kinds of ways to make a difference.


Is an encore career right for you?

If you have the enthusiasm for a new career, you should explore your options. First, however, you need to make sure that you’re prepared. Not every encore career actually helps you make money, something that you do need in retirement.

In many cases, you have to pay for new classes and training. If you have money left over in a child’s 529 college savings account, you could apply it to your own further education.

You’ll need to make sure that your debt is paid off, and get help with your credit score if you need it. You will also need to ensure that everyone in the family is comfortable with the idea of a new profession for you


Once you do your homework, you can begin easing yourself into your new encore career. You only need to make sure that you choose well. It wouldn’t do to make the wrong choice and find yourself stuck with a job that you don’t like, all over again.

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