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Do You Have All The Necessary Documents For The Interview? Find Out

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The job recruitment process comprises numerous steps- online tests, telephonic interviews, and group discussions. They all play a significant role in determining your caliber for the vacancy you have applied for.

However, the game changer in this process is the in-person interview; that is the final step. Regardless of the qualifications and skills, how well prepared you are for the interview will decide your career’s direction.

Said that the final interview preparations begin with grooming and selecting the appropriate clothes for the meeting and end with preparing the document file. You’d be surprised that HR managers and recruiters don’t always have the copy of candidate resumes and other documents during the interview.

Regardless of the qualifications and skills, how well prepared you are for the interview will decide your career’s direction.Click To Tweet

Even if you have already shared the required certificates and forms online, bringing them along for the meeting would score you points.

Now, the question is- What documents should you have? Read on to know.

Copies Of Resume

Generally, it is recommended to get four to five copies of a resume. As meetings are unpredictable, you might have to meet with other departments or even bosses (if the company is small). Extra copies of the resume will ensure that every interviewer gets the required information.

Not to mention, if everything goes well, the HR manager might ask you to leave an extra copy. In such situations, you surely don’t want to inform them about having only a single copy or hassle with the printing.

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Graduation Certificate

Though it is your skills that secure the job, having a graduation or qualification certificate would give a boost to your knowledge. Therefore, keep a copy of certificates (graduation, summer course, or experience) with you. Or, if managers require original documents for verification, make sure to have separate certificate folders to avoid damage. Different folders will also ensure you are organized and don’t struggle to find the records when required.

Recommendation Letter

You don’t need numerous copies of recommendation letters. However, it is a critical document to carry so that recruiters can learn about your previous achievements and abilities. In case you are a fresher, you can add information about volunteer activities or group projects you might have participated in. Your professors, community leaders, and former employers can highlight your commitment to work, helping you get the job.

Work Portfolio

If you are applying for a vacancy in a creative field such as architecture, fashion, marketing, and more, create a work portfolio. It ensures you put your best foot forward by showcasing your skills. It also sets you apart from the rest of the candidates.

Furthermore, it will give an idea to the recruiters about the tasks you can perform and accordingly negotiate with you.

Pre-Written Questions For The Interviewer

Last but not least, if you have any questions about the job role or company, write them down and bring them along. It will show how willing you are to work. Moreover, it will save the interviewer’s time and allow you to learn everything before you join the company.

Some of the questions you should ask are:

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of a role?
  • What is the assessment procedure?
  • What are the company’s plans?


Your interview preparation speaks on your behalf during the meeting. It shows your dedication, confidence, management skills, and foresight. These qualities will give you an edge during the interview, thereby ensuring you avail the job.

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