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Jobs That Do Not Require You to Be a Graduate

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I know how contradictory the title sounds, especially when all we are taught right from the grade first is that a college degree is the only way to get a high paying job. In fact, for more than 90 % of us the motivation to pursue higher education in college is a respectable job with equally honorable salary.  This post is the perusal of the same.

It is a popular belief that the stairs to success passes through the college campus. There is no denying the fact that education, and more precisely higher education has a vital role to play in deciding the future career path of an individual. But it is also true that in the knowledge based economy that we are living today, nothing sells like skills. If you have the right skill set supplemented by some achievements then there is no reason why an employee would not consider giving you an equal opportunity. Here are some of the best paying jobs that will hire you even if you are not a scholar in the same.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is one career that most creative professionals can pursue without having any degree or diploma although one doesn’t discounts the advantage candidates having formal education have over those who don’t have. What could be motivating news to those who do not wish to pursue a college major in fashion designing is that a majority of the world’s reigning top fashion designers do not posses any formal degree in the same.

Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Prada, you name it and the fact remains that fashion industry is filled with titans who have made it big without the help of text books.  However, not having a degree isn’t an excuse for not learning essential skills like computer-aided design without which your prospects aren’t as good as you would want it to be. The median annual salary of fashion designers is around $63,170.


Becoming a registered nurse has various educational requirements. However, having a four year degree isn’t one of them. There are generally three educational paths that aspirants follow that include a diploma in nursing from an approved college and passing a Registered nurse national licensing exam. Multiple surveys have revealed that nursing jobs have great prospects in the coming year. The salaries of nurses vary with the acquired skills and experience. However, on an average a Registered nurse can expect to earn a handsome pay of around $42,000 annually.

Online Advertising Manager

With the explosion of Internet as an effective advertising medium, the job market is abuzz with positions of Online Advertising Manager. There is no specific educational requirement for the same, with companies focusing on skills rather than go by a candidate’s education credentials. That effectively means if you know what works on the Internet and how to sell a product to an online audience which is famous for its fickle nature, and you can prove it then this job is yours for sure. The average starting salary for Online Advertising Managers is $40,000 and the income growth potential is estimated at a whopping 255%.

Web developer

It is a fact that there are more self-taught web developers in the world, earning huge sums of money than those who have gone through the efforts of completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT and then went on to pursue web development as a career. Web development is a golden goose for those who have even the tiniest inclination towards computers, computer languages. Throw in a little bit of creativity and what you get is the one of the best paying careers one can have without going through the ordeals of formal degree. The average annual income of web developers is $43,000 and the growth rate is 179%.

insurance Agent

In these uncertain times where a mishap is always waiting to happen having insurance is the best way to cover the caused damages. Everyone needs insurance, and therefore insurance jobs are abound and plenty. No doubts, it takes a man with strong convincing skills to make people believe in the benefits of the insurance but other than that there is not much in terms of education that insurance companies ask for while hiring for agents. There are many types of insurance covers that include health, property, and life, automotive and so on. It is not the most glamorous job in the world, but pays you enough to keep off your tenant from coming every month asking for rent.


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