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Preparing For Your New Job In Healthcare

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So, you’ve spent years in education and finally nailed the interview for your dream graduate job in caring. Congratulations – getting onto the career ladder is probably the hardest step of all.

But you’d be wrong to assume that it’s all plain sailing from here, especially if you plan to achieve big things. Therefore, it’s vital that you take the right precautions to unlock your full potential in the immediate and long-term future. After all, if you don’t care for your career, how can you expect to help the patients?

Here’s how to put the care into your new career in style.

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Keep One Eye On The Future

After stepping onto the career ladder, you probably won’t think about promotion for a while. Still, it’s imperative that you remain open-minded about the future opportunities that may come your way.

While this is a time to gain experience and confidence, you should always look to take the next steps to success. Developing new skills with a view to future leadership roles should probably sit at the top of your agenda. However, further ideas may include recording your successes to bolster your resume. Or making a portfolio to support future applications.

Networking is naturally a great way to bolster your career prospects. Even as you start this role, it’s important to recognize that you won’t be happy with this position forever.

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Think About Your Look  

Appearances count for a lot in your career, not least when making a good first impression. Whether meeting your boss, colleagues, or patients, it pays to look good. Confidence and happiness are vital.

A winning smile and good hairstyle are important. However, your clothing choices are the main point of focus. You could be working long shifts, which is why you cannot afford to feel uncomfortable. Uniform Advantage offers an array of scrubs that look and feel great for the long haul. It’s probably the smartest investment you’ll make.

In addition to the scrubs, you must consider the footwear. Safe, solid, and suitable for standing on your feet all day. Tick those three boxes and you won’t go far wrong.

Show Initiative

A good healthcare worker should be eager to gain clarity in all aspects of their work. In truth, this is one trait that could potentially separate the best from the rest. Show the initiative from day one.

The best way to do this is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to seek clarification on any subject, even if it seems like something insignificant. Bosses will love your engagement, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. Crucially, it’s easily the best way to integrate yourself and feel familiar with the surroundings as well as the expectations. Volunteering for extra tasks, responsibilities, and training can help too.

Every workplace has its unique attributes, even in the healthcare industries. When you show a desire to understand the way things are done in your new place of work, it can only have positive results.

Know The Building Layout

Good punctuality on your first day is pivotal, so you will naturally plan out your car or bus route. Whether it’s a hospital or home care, though, you must think about the steps after you arrive.

If you have been handed a handbook in advance, you should check out the floor plan. If not, you can take the initiative by speaking to HR. While you don’t need to know the blueprint like the back of your hand, a little familiarity is key. Simply knowing which floor(s) each department or ward is located will help you make a better first impression.

Above all else, it will give you an added source of confidence. So, while that information will be relayed to you during those early shifts, it remains a positive step to take.

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Take Care Of Your Health

Right now, the global pandemic means that there is an even greater incentive to take care on each shift. However, even after COVD-19 has passed, this should be a priority for all new healthcare workers.

Carrying antibacterial sanitizers is advised. Even if the healthcare center has plenty of them around the building. Meanwhile, staying hydrated is crucial if you wish to stay alert during shifts. Overlook this aspect of your health and it will translate to reduced performances. Sadly, it’s not an issue that is likely to go unnoticed by your bosses or team leaders.

Eating a balanced meal and taking proactive steps to boost your immune systems is vital too. Sleep must not be overlooked. A healthier worker is a better worker, not least when working in this industry.

Research Key Personnel

While there’s no need to become stalkerish or weird, a little research goes a long way. You’ll have no doubt conducted research into the company. Do not miss the opportunity to check your superiors.

If the most important contacts that you’re about to work with have social media accounts, use them to your advantage. Check what they Tweet about or share on LinkedIn to gain insight into their character and interests. This can become a topic of bonding and connection. If they have written a published paper in their field, for example, read it and talk about it.

Knowledge is power, and that concept shouldn’t be limited to education. A deeper understanding of people can be equally telling as you look to settle into the new job.

Learn The Company Culture

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Your new boss or hiring manager didn’t hire you solely for your resume. They saw something in your personality that they loved and thought would sit well with the company culture. Embrace it.

The onboarding process will probably provide some insight. However, you should use the early weeks to investigate. Look at whether the team celebrates birthdays, does charity events, or has any clear routines. This is another reason to connect with new colleagues at the earliest stage. Even if you’re shy. The longer you leave it, the more awkward those situations will become. 

Sure, your handbook and contract layout the guidelines. Still, the unwritten rules are equally crucial. You can’t learn them before starting. Be sure that you embrace them immediately upon starting.

Know The Surrounding Facilities

Depending on the type of healthcare work you are set to complete, it may be necessary to think beyond the business itself. The nearby amenities could play a key role in making day-to-day life convenient.

For example, knowing where the local shops are located could make all the difference when thinking about your lunch. Checking out the opening times on Google Maps is another crucial step for anyone working night shifts. If there is a gym nearby, it may be worth considering their memberships. This is especially true when you do not live near a fitness center.

As a healthcare worker, your work life will play a central part in your lifestyle. By encouraging it to support other parts of your world, you’ll become happier in and out of work.

Develop Patience

Things won’t be perfect at the very start of your employment. Many workers will let this get them down, resulting in a rapid loss of enthusiasm. In the worst cases, this may lead to quitting.

Understanding that it could take several weeks to truly adapt to the job role and surroundings will remove a great deal of pressure. Honestly, a few breathing exercises can truly come to your rescue tie and time again. That’s something that may last long after you’ve completed your probation too. Meanwhile, you should stop being too harsh on yourself. There is a learning curve involved.

With a positive and resilient mindset, there’s no limit to what can be achieved throughout your career. And the journey has only got started. Live in the moment, even if you have plans to climb the ladder.

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Complete Admin ASAP

Throughout the onboarding processes, you will naturally need to complete a variety of admin tasks. The sooner you complete them, the sooner you’ll be a part of the team. It’s the least you deserve.

This could cover anything from setting up your staff email to finding a locker in the staff room. The harsh reality is that some IT departments are lazy while others are easily distracted. The same can be said for team leaders and HR teams. Therefore, it’s important to press the issues at the earliest stage, even if some of the tasks have to be completed on your own watch.

When the jobs are left unfinished, it can make shifts more stressful. Moreover, if it becomes necessary to ask colleagues to do favors like print files, it can put work relationships under strain.


Starting your career in caring on the front foot is pivotal. Aside from helping you to avoid burnout, it will increase your happiness and engagement with the job. The benefits can be felt right away and can follow you for many years to come. If nothing else, putting the right plans in place is vital for your mindset. When you can start the new job in a confident manner, nothing will stop you from thriving.


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