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Job Search Rules of the Road

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In yesterday’s post, I mentioned briefly that you should follow the suggested “rules of the road” when working with recruiting firms. I only mentioned one of these rules, so today’s post will cover several of the “unspoken” rules of the road when conducting your job search. Much of this is common sense, but some of it is not and some of the mistakes can make the difference in getting a specific job (or not).

  • Search Firm Rules of the Road – Starting with yesterday’s mention, this article is posted on Addison Search’s website. It covers some of the basics (don’t send your resume where it doesn’t belong, don’t let two recruiters present you to the same employer, etc.). Definitely worth a read if you want to maintain your relationship with your recruiter (and not make a bad first impression on a potential employer).
  • Effective use of recruiters in your job search – This article, provided by Winter Wyman (this recruiter was reviewed on November 5th), talks about the rules of the road for selecting a recruiter. It covers the basics like expertise and reputation as well as working together effectively.
  • The Rules of the Road to a New CareerAssociated Content provided this article which focuses on the rules of the road for conducting your job search (what you should be doing). Many of these points have been reviewed and discussed several times on this site, but the article is still worth a read.
  • The Dos and Don’ts When Looking for a Position – This article, provided by, offers some very good advice on how to conduct your job search. Some of this has been covered here, but much of it has not. While all of the advice is good, the best is “Don’t be Discouraged”.

We all need to take a break once and awhile from the relentless and sometimes frustrating job search process, so on that note – the lighter side . . .

Good luck in your search.

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