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Job Search – In Over Your Head?

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When I was a kid, we lived near a pond that had frogs. Every summer, I would go with my friends to collect tadpoles. Although we lived in the suburbs, this particular pond was somewhat polluted with various bits of junk floating (or permanently “moored” to the bottom). None of us knew exactly how deep the pond was (it was not the kind of pond where you would go for a swim), but no problem, most of the tadpoles could be seen on the top. One particular fine summer day, I went with one of my friends to collect some tadpoles but they were hard to find that day. About two feet from the edge of the pond was an old car tire which, we thought, was permanently stuck in place (it was always in the same place, year after year). So I decided to step onto the tire so that I could reach those elusive tadpoles. As you’ve probably guessed by now, the tire was not stuck in place and it immediately sank under my weight and down I went yelling for help from my friend. With all the yelling and frantic flailing of my arms I didn’t realized I was actually standing on the bottom of the pond (which was no more than three feet deep). So, other than being wet and having sludge on my sneakers (not to mention a few tadpoles in the cuff of my pants), all was well and I was not in over my head after all.

Job search can sometimes feel much the same (that “over your head” feeling). Not to worry, take a step back and reorganize your search. This will give you a fresh perspective on the process. Maybe change up the job search sites you are using, take a look at some companies you’ve not looked at before and refresh your resume. Following is a list of key resources with links.

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Job Search Boards:

Company Lists:

Good luck in your search.

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