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Network, Network, Network – the three most important words in job search. According to (How Many Jobs Are Found Through Networking, Really?), upwards of 85% of people who land new jobs find the jobs through networking.  Although you will see various percentages published all over the Internet, all of them indicate that you should be spending more than 50% of your job search time leveraging your friends, former classmates, family and former coworkers.

Following are a few links to get you started on your networking game plan.

4 Ways to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile – Obviously, your most valuable tool should be LinkedIn. And, while you should not spend too much time on any one job search resources (see The Four Legs of Job Search), LinkedIn is worth the time.

Your Networking Plan (list): – Networking is by far, your second most important job search tool (the first being your resume). Networks allow you to establish relationships with people in your industry in different companies and locations. The more people you know, the more likely it is that you will find out about potential job opportunities. Even if calling people (or writing people) is not your strong point (or maybe you don’t feel comfortable doing it) you can still become a networking pro.  Your Network action plans should look something like this:

  • Step 1 – Review and update your profile on your Network (LinkedIn should be one of your primary network sites).
  • Step 2 – Review your network. Add people you know who can help with your search and reconnect with those already in your network.
  • Step 3 – Make a lost of those connections: who are working at a company where you would like to work, who have connections and can help you find opportunities or who are experienced and can offer career and job search advice.

Career Services – This link leads to Montclair State University’s Center for Career Services. It does not matter whether or not you are (or have) attended Montclair State, you can still review their career site. This particular link provides a list of Internet resources for your jobs search. Many of these have been listed here, but many have not. Definitely worth a look.

Unemployed? Your New Job: Find a Job! – Some articles to help when you are unemployed.

  • I Lost my Job, Now What? – Losing your job is incredibly stressful. Our job partly defines who we are and the means by which we live. The stages of emotional change caused by job loss are very similar to the stages of grief when losing a loved one.
  • Networking & Support Groups – I’ve mentioned several times in many posts what a great resource The Riley Guide is and this link regarding Networking is a great example. The article provides a vast number of networking groups, many of which should help in your pursuit of a job.

Networking – Make Business Contacts – This list, provided by the Washington Post, provides a list of Networking groups. There is also a link to the left-hand side of the page which lists top jobs posted on the Washington Post’s website. There were 34 top job opportunities listed when I checked the site.

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