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Job Interviews Gone Wrong

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Most of us have had a job interview from “hell” (doesn’t really matter if you were the receiver or the giver in this case). We’ve all had our moments, and I’ve been both the receiver and the giver of interviews from hell (although I did not initially plan them that way, who does?).

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Most interviews are what we make of them. When we are the interviewee we are expected to control the interview and when we are the interviewer we are expected to control the interview (sounds like a conflict to me). While (hopefully) “interviews from hell” are few and far between, it is up to you as the interviewee to be prepared and ace the interview.

Worst Interview

My Worst Interview – This article is from CareerAlley and details one of my worst interviews. It is definitely worth a read and there is a list of job interview “warning signs”.

Most interviews are what we make of them. We expect to control the interview and so does the interviewer (sounds like a conflict. Hopefully 'interviews from hell' are few and far between, it's up to you to be prepared and ace the interview.Click To Tweet

There are all types of interviews these days, with telephone interviews as one of the more popular and typical types of first-round interviews. Whatever you may face, it pays to be prepared. Not only on researching the company, but also looking up your interviewers on LinkedIn if possible.

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How to Ace Your Interview

How to Ace your Telephone Interview – As mentioned above, telephone interviews have become more popular over the last few years and have almost become a standard “first” interview before the “in-person” interview. The skills required for a telephone interview certainly overlap with the “in-person” interview, but there are a number of things you may need to do differently. This article provides important points on the What, When, and How of telephone interviews. There are advantages to a telephone interview, you can have materials available that would not be possible in an “in-person” interview. This article covers what to have and what to do.

Challenging Interview Questions

What about those dreaded interview questions? You know, the ones always get asked but you never feel as if you have the right answer. A few of my all-time favorites to ask, (but not be asked) are “Where do you need to improve?” and “What is your greatest weakness?”.


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Ace your interview
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9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You – My list of what many job interview candidates mess up.  Typical failures include lack of preparation, poorly written resume, not knowing how to interview, and not having the right experience (to name a few).  There are great tips for each of these items in the article.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Okay, covered most of the topic, but I do feel obligated to cover at least one more “what not to do” and “how to prepare for your interview”.

10 Job Interview Pitfalls and How to Correct Them – Some advice on what you shouldn’t do on an interview. Some seem fairly basic and some are a matter of taste (as in dress appropriately – you would be surprised as to what some people think this means). Overall, these are things you should know so it is definitely worth a read. In some cases, such as “don’t talk too much”, you may not actually know you are talking too much (and you are probably not likely to get this feedback).  Not answering the questions asked (or answering with unrelated answers) is another key failure point.

I have a job interview, now what? – One of my favorites (okay, so what if I wrote it?). One of my early posts on how to prepare for an interview. If you’ve been job hunting for a period of time, you know that interviews can be few and far between. This article provides a number of tips, supported by a few links to provide more information.

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