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Promotions and Portfolios: How To Start Working in an Influencer Agency

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Many people are drawn to the prospect of working in an influencer agency, viewing it as a lucrative entry point into the fields of marketing or blogging. However, what does it truly take to excel in influencer marketing, and is the career path as straightforward as it appears?

Putting Working Outside Your Degree

It’s not necessary to actually get a degree, but an online master’s in marketing degree can help. Many marketing degrees focus on influencer marketing and social media marketing. It will look great on your resume. But it’s also important to realize that experience is crucial. You can start by getting involved as a freelancer. But these days, most people are working as a freelancer in some way, which means that you need to get relevant experience.

Many people love the idea of working in an influencer agency. Whether people are looking to get their foot into marketing, or want to get into the blogging world, it can be lucrative, but what does it take to work in influencer marketing?Click To Tweet

Sometimes the best way to break into your desired field is to immerse yourself in the environment, even if you’re not initially doing your dream job. You could start as a freelancer or learn influencer marketing through less conventional avenues. Agencies like Unruly, for instance, see a diverse array of talent coming through their doors. Networking within such settings often offers a significant advantage over simply sending in a resume. After all, in many industries, who you know can be just as important as what you know.

The Importance of Your Portfolio

Breaking into influencer marketing doesn’t always require a direct path. Whether you start as a model or excel as an active social media user, leveraging your unique skills is crucial. Make the most of platforms like LinkedIn by ensuring your portfolio is polished and compelling. One approach is to begin by promoting local events or aspiring influencers within your network. However, don’t forget that self-promotion, when done tactfully, is equally important in establishing your career.

Crafting a compelling resume doesn’t mean listing every job you’ve ever had; instead, focus on showcasing your most relevant experience. LinkedIn offers an excellent platform for this, allowing you to create a comprehensive portfolio that can include a variety of media, from video reels to podcasts. This multidimensional approach helps you present a richer, more complete picture of your capabilities.

The State of the Industry

When applying for a role in influencer marketing, it’s crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the industry. Breaking into a top-level position at a digital agency right after college is unlikely. It’s important to know why you’re interested in a particular company and what you can bring to the table. Plenty of resources can help you prepare for standard interview questions, but it’s equally vital to understand the job role, the company’s mission, and how both fit into the larger industry landscape.


In the dynamic landscape of influencer marketing, getting your foot in the door is more nuanced than merely having a polished resume or portfolio. The industry values creativity, adaptability, and above all, an authentic passion for the digital world. As you endeavor to launch your career in an influencer agency, remember that the path may be non-linear, and that’s okay. You can leverage varied experiences, from freelancing to networking, to make yourself a desirable candidate. Finally, while skills and experience are vital, never underestimate the importance of cultural fit and personal alignment with your prospective agency. Seize the opportunities that come your way and let your unique qualities shine—your ideal role may be closer than you think.

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