How to Email Your Resume and Cover Letter

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When you apply for any job, your resume is your first impression on the potential employer and you must make it a lasting one. It will introduce you to the employer. As it is your first impression, you want to ensure you make the right impression. After writing your resume, you will most likely send your resume and application via e-mail. You will also need a cover letter to accompany your application. A cover letter is a personal document and should introduce you to the hiring manager. Although, your cover letter is a summary of your CV, it must not include the details exactly as presented in your CV. It must talk of the unique, job specific details that are not included in your resume but make you a prime candidate for the job opportunity. Your work doesn’t end after writing your CV and cover letter. You must be careful while sending the application and cover letter via e-mail to the potential employer. Here are some basic tips to follow while sending an e-mail to the prospective employer.

How to E-mail your Resume and Cover Letter:

Sending your application via e-mail is the professional way of applying for any job. You need to follow some tips when you are sending an application:

  • If there are any special instructions to follow while sending the resume, employers mention it in the job advertisement. Going through the job advertisement you will know whether employer is expecting the resume or cover letter in any particular format or style and you can draft the documents accordingly. It is important to obey all the instructions provided by the employer.
  • Select the appropriate format for your CV. Resumes are generally sent as an attachment and cover letter has to be sent in the mail body. However, some employers may demand both the documents in attachment.
  • Open your mailbox and go in the ‘compose’ section for composing the mail. You must have written a cover letter in text format in word processing tool. Select the entire content of the cover letter, copy it and paste it in the letter body of your mail. Thus, your cover letter will be inserted in your mail.
  • Now you have to attach a copy of your CV. Know the location where you have saved the updated copy of your CV. Click on the ‘Attach a file’ button and select the CV and press the ‘open’ button. Your CV will be automatically attached to your mail. Make sure to include your contact information after your signature in the letter body.
  • The subject line of your mail must include the job title you are applying for or the job code as provided by the employer.

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After you have entered all the necessary information and attached all the documents, enter the e-mail ID of the employer you want to mail your application. Do not send multiple applications at a time. If you are applying for more than one job, apply them separately. Or you can also use the option of ‘Cc’ or ‘Bcc’ to avoid disclosing the mail IDs of the recruiters.

Make sure that your application is sent to the employer. Sometimes, due to the technical problems, your application may not be sent and gets saved in drafts. Hence, check your sent mails after sending an application.

You can use the following reference reference link (resume examples) to draft an impressive resume.

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